Do You Believe In Love
Freak Out
Man On Top
Joyful Noise
Feeling Alive

┬áLast Monday Hanson released their latest EP, Play, a digital only release exclusive to I had heard 4/5 songs in May in Tulsa and helped record parts of the songs, so I was very excited to hear the finished versions. If you had asked me weeks ago which song I thought would be my favorite I’d have hands down said “Do you Believe in Love”, I fell in love with it when Zac was working on it in a stream and was so excited when they started playing it in Tulsa, though it evolved from a simple piano ballad to a queen and the darkness inspired up tempo track.

After having listened to the EP on repeat several times now, I think Do You Believe In Love is #3 for me, maybe even #4 of 5!

Feeling Alive quickly became my favorite. It gave me goosebumps on a clip from the studio Zac had posted on hnet and continues to give me goosebumps even after multiple (and I do mean multiple) listens.

I also really love Freak Out and if they don’t use it to open a show in Jamaica (or even Disney!) I will be very disappointed. It is just the perfect let’s get things started and get you pumped song.

And Joyful noise is a great track as well. I enjoyed it in Tulsa and enjoy it finished even more. This EP is kind of a favorite, everything else tied for second-ish and then…

Man On Top. For whatever reason this song has not stood out to me. It’s not terrible but it just hasn’t grabbed me. It also sounds a lot like an old Hanson song to me (Look At You?)

Overall though I am super pumped for this new EP and if you ever have thought about maybe checking out what Hanson is up to musically, now would be the time to do it. This EP is available exclusively on and you do not need to be a (paid) member to purchase but will need to set up an account for their store to buy it.

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