This is probably true for most offices – but in mine it seems like everyone is always sick and it just cycles through us all over and over again. Sharing might be caring but not when it comes to a cold!  I’m always trying to find ways to combat the cold and was interested in checking out Sambrosa Sweet Dreams Sleep Syrup.  It is made with real honey and helps you with sleep, coughs, colds and allergies.  I’ve tried other sleep aids that claim that they would put me to sleep, but more often than not, it doesn’t work.  With Sambrosa within about half an hour there was no way I could fight the sleep and my eyelids were HEAVY.  I woke up feeling refreshed after having a good nights sleep and whatever cold I thought I might have been getting seemed to stay away.

Sambrosa has natural ingredients, honey and organic herbs and it is GMO free. The main active ingredient is Doxylamine.  Each bottle has over 20 nights of sleep in it!  This is one of the most popular nighttime syrups in Europe and it is now available in the US.

I have to say, that I did not like the taste – but I usually follow up on any of these liquid syrups with a big glass of water too.  It looks like honey, tastes a bit like honey but also a bit of black licorice which made me make all sorts of faces.

I received a free product in exchange for this review. I was not otherwise compensated.