Do you have a problem with misplacing your keys? I do.  For a while I was commuting to work with my Dad, so not using my car during the week inevitably meant that my keys were MIA come the weekend when I wanted to head out somewhere.  Now that I have Pager Tag Bluetooth Key Finder, I’ll always be able to find my keys!

Once you take everything out of the package, put the battery inside the PagerTag device (that is super light and super thin so you won’t even notice it on your keychain) and download the app to your phone.  Pair the tag and lose your keys!  The app helps you find the keys by having the tag beep for you to find it and also lets you know if the keys are nearby or not (if not, try another room in the house!)

You don’t have to use the pager tag for just keys either.  If there is something else you lose often, attach the pager tag to it instead and you can use the app and tag to find that item.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I was not otherwise compensated.