Headliner: John Mayer
Opener(s):  Sheryl Crow, Graham Colton
Venue: Meadows Music Theater
Cost: N/A




This show was interesting.  Things were running late, so the attendant at the handicapped accessible area started scanning our tickets early so once they got the OK for doors we could go right in.  Except that when we got the OK for doors we ALSO got the word that John was having throat issues and wouldn’t be performing.  Sheryl still would so we could either go in and see her OR we could skip the show and get our refund.  I wasn’t sure how refunds would work because our tickets were already scanned, but they finally ended up giving us the refund after me fighting them for what seemed like weeks. Our story checked out w/ the venue so they gave us the refund.  John was so bummed he apologized for it a million times the next time he came to town.  I wonder if this was the beginning of his throat issues that knocked him out of the game for a bit…

Unfortunately I gave my tickets to my friend Jen since someone she knew had gotten them for us to try and get us the refund and she lost them before she was able to give me mine back.


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