I am always looking for fun party ideas and these silicone ice trays are certainly something that will start a conversation!  I received a set of 3 trays, a guitar mold that makes 10 guitars, a lego robot mold that makes 8 robots and a lego block mold that makes 10 legos.  In addition to using these to make ice, you can always use them to make chocolate, other candy, crayons or jello.

Our first attempt was to make some guitar shaped ice.  Once the tray was filled with water, it became a bit flimsy so it was difficult to transfer it from the sink to the freezer.  It works best if you have something underneath it for more support before transferring it into the freezer.  Once frozen, the ice came out of the tray without an issue.

Our second attempt was jello.  We used a cookie sheet underneath the trays for stability.  After leaving them in the fridge overnight, they did not become solid like the jello we put in a different container did.  We switched to a cookie cooling rack underneath them.  That didn’t work either. So we popped them in the freezer.  Then we ended up with some gooey grossness.  Bummer, because I wanted some fun jello jigglers but for whatever reason we just could not get it to work.  (I’d post pictures of the frozen ones but I don’t think you want to see that!)


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