As I had mentioned in an earlier post, Hanson’s current tour is 2 shows in each city. I am going to 6 shows, or 3 cities. My first one was New York City. My goal for the entire tour was to hear *10* new songs live that I had never heard before. After the first 2 shows I have heard 13.  I guess now with my trip I have nothing else to aspire to – only to hope they start to mix the setlist up a little more.

We were a bit nervous heading back to Irving Plaza after all the trouble we had last time Hanson was in town. But the staff members we had issue with seem to no longer be on the staff and everything worked out ok – except for the fact that they didn’t tell us I could only bring 1 person to ADA with me so we’d have to split up 2 and 1.  Fortunately for the second night we were able to work it out so we could all be together.

Night 1 was covers night where I had 9 new songs.  They did mix in a few Hanson songs too.  They did U2, Stevie Wonder, Beach Boys, Billy Joel, Paul Simon… a lot of the music I grew up on (because as my mom said “their parents are your parents”)  That was going to be a hard setlist (and a hard tour) to top.

Night 2 was Hanson night but the did some more covers – like Michael Jackson and Ed Sheeran and Taylor did a solo rendition of “A Song For You” which I know from American Idol (Elliott and I think Kris Allen has done it too) but I may be biased but I think Taylor’s is one of the best I’ve heard.

And of course since every Hanson concert needs to be an adventure – we were told the afterparty was starting at 11 and ended up getting there a little after 11 (thanks to a super slow waiter) and decided we’d leave about 12:30 to give us roughly an hour to take 2 subways to Penn Station. (Looking back – we should have just gotten a cab but hindsight is 20/20)  When the first subway took FOR-EV-ER to get to the platform we thought we’d still have enough time because we had built in extra time to account for me walking slow, etc and I’d just kick it into high gear if I had to.  Well, when the second subway also took FOR-EV-ER to get there we knew we were screwed.  So were a bunch of others on the platform. So we had 2 options.  Wait until the next train 3 hours later (4am) OR pay a premium to get a ride back to New Jersey – something that a lot of cabs didn’t want to do.  So we decided to pay the premium for a ride.

Night 2 we decided to drive in to make sure we wouldn’t have to deal with missing any trains – only to have my friend Marisa tell me she was in the car with it running charging her phone and she sees a guy in the side mirror peeing on the back of my car.  I mean how stupid/drunk/on drugs do you have to be to pee on a car that someone is obviously in because it is RUNNING?  She ended up turning the car off and hitting the lock/unlock to make the lights flash and then he went “oh shit” yeah. Asshole.

Also in attendance Night 2 was MTV Wanna Be A VJ winner – Jesse Camp! We saw him during the show (and I may have freaked out a little…) and after the show he went by the barricades set up at the bus to meet people. We were nowhere near close though I did try t get a few pics.  We also struck out getting pics with Hanson since we weren’t near the barricades. Bummer.

Highlights include…

Taylor: If you’re with a guy you have to remind to tell you you’re beautiful, you’re with the wrong guy
Isaac: And if he doesn’t hold a door open for you, he’s also the wrong guy
Zac: And if you have to remind him to shower… he’s every guy

After night 1 there were 2 girls fighting and security went to break it up and one of the security guards (female) grabbed on of the girls and put her IN A HEADLOCK to get her off the other girl.  Probably one of the craziest things I’d ever seen at a Hanson show.

At the after party there was a girl in just her bra dancing around.  At the bus after the show night 2 there was a girl in a bra because she took her shirt off to have Zac & Taylor sign it. (And it was COLD that night)

Watching the bus driver attempt to park the bus along the sidewalk 18 thousand times (which then blocked the view of the bar across the street and the playoff baseball I was watching!)

Song of the weekend: I can’t feel my face

Setlists under the cut and photos coming soon!

Setlist Night 1

Twist and shout
Shake a tail feather
I want to take you higher
Hold on I’m coming
I’ve got soul
You may be right
Movin out
Voice in the chorus
God only knows
Stand by me
This time around
Me and Julio down by the schoolyard
Penny and me
Get up and go
Dancing in the streets
Signed sealed delivered I’m yours
Chain of fools
Never been to spain
In a little while
Lost without each other
You can’t stop us
I believe in a thing called love


Setlist Night 2

Already home
Tearing it down
Look at you
Minute without you
Make it out alive
Musical ride
Been there before
Broken angel
Thinking out loud
Waiting for this
Remember the time
I want you back.
Where’s the love
A song for you (taylor solo)
Hand in hand  (isaac solo into full band)
Thinking bout somethin
Get the girl back
Crazy beautiful
Watch over me

Fired up
In the city
Roller coaster love / whole Lotta love
High voltage (with Paul and carrick)

3 thoughts on “Hanson Roots & Rock N Roll Tour NYC”
  1. Hey! I’m going to the second night in Atlanta tonight. Was the after party fun? Was it people just dancing around and standing there with beer? I’m debating whether to stay the whole time because I’m lame, old, and it’s a Tuesday.

    1. The after party was a bunch of people standing up near the stage watching taylor and some people dancing. It’s not really my scene so I didn’t find it to be all that fun. But they only do it after night 1. The 2nd day has the walk in the afternoon and a longer hanson set. Which I much prefer to the afterparty

      1. Ah cool, so it’s not even a debate then. I left close to 10 last night because, as stated, I’m old and lame. Honestly, sounds like kind of a weird after party anyway. Haha! But

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