Headliner: Ingram Hill
Opener(s): Snoozebox, Blss, 4 Days from Now
Venue: Webster Underground Hartford, CT
Cost: $12


Hangin Around Again
To Your Grave
The Day Your Luck Runs Out
What If I’m Right
Love and War
On My Way
Why The Wait
Solsburry Hill
Slippin Out
Never Be The Same
Almost Perfect
Will I Ever Make It Home
Maybe It’s Me
American Girl


I feel like this summer we LIVED at the Webster Underground. SO many bands we wanted to see played there. (Yet somehow we never managed to see The Jonas Brothers – who also seemed to play there a lot)  We were really close for this show – I may have even been sitting on the stage (I think I was based on the angle of the pics) and Justin was picking towel lint off himself and it was landed on my friends. After the show we got pics with Justin and Phil.  This was also the show we were introduced to Snoozebox whom we absolutely LOVED … for a few months anyway before the lead singer went solo.

Where Are They Now:

Not really sure. I know recently Justin was on tour as a solo act recently.

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