Headliner: Tyler Hilton
Opener(s): None
Cost: $0


Pink and Black
When It Comes
The Letter Song
Kiss On Me


Kiss 95.7 put this show on and it was at the mall in Meriden, CT.  I went with one of my friends from college, Ashley. I managed to record the performance on video and take pictures at the same time (I’m still not sure how).  We weren’t allowed photos with Tyler so Ashley took one of my standing near him while he signed my CD.  😉  I’m pretty sure the CD I was having him sign was the CD inside the promo CD I had him sign the summer before when he opened for Hanson.

Where Are They Now

Tyler still comes through on tour sometimes. He is engaged to Megan Park from Secret Life of the American Teenager fame. He is also on the show Exant which should be coming back to TV very soon!