Finally, finally! The battle rounds! They are introducing “The Steal”, which will allow another coach to steal the losing battle round member for their team.  Each coach is allowed to steal 2 contestants.  This should hopefully make things more exciting!  How it works is, once the coach picks who they want to keep, Carson has the other contestant talk to his judge.  During this time, any of the other 3 judges can hit their red button.  The contestant then gets to choose from those who hit their buttons, or get placed on the team if only 1 judge tries to steal.  I’m not exactly sure what happens with those 2 stolen contestants later on down the line. I don’t know if I missed them explaining it or they haven’t said anything yet.

I was also going to complain that they completely DRAG out these battle rounds.  They fit in almost 4 in the first hour – but only 2 more in the second? They should be doing at least 8 in a 2 hour episode!  But then in the second episode, they buzzed through 2 battle rounds so quickly I couldn’t pick who I wanted to win for one before it was announced, and I barely had enough time to pick a winner for the second.  What the heck NBC? Can’t we have a happy medium?  Full battle songs but less rehearsal BS? (Although I guess they throw that in there so we can see how much they grow and get to know them a bit better…)

My plan for the season is to have Saturday re-caps.  But I also intend to blog XFactor (once we get FOX back.. if we ever get FOX back.. ugh!) so there might be a shake up with the actual day / time of the posts. But I do intend to have one weekly whenever possible!

Team Blake
Carry On My Wayward Son

Casey vs Terry
My Pick: Terry (but it was not an easy pick!)
Blake’s Pick:  Terry
Team Adam

Bryan vs Colin
My Pick: Bryan
Adam’s Pick:   Bryan

(Colin is our first steal!)

Team CeeLo
Jessie’s Girl

Diego vs JR
My Pick: JR
CeeLo’s Pick: Diego

Team Christina

De’borah vs Nelly’s Echo
My Pick: Nelly’s Echo (another toughie!)
Christina’s Pick:  De’borah

Team Blake
Sin Wagon

2Steel Girls vs Gracia
My Pick: Gracia
Blake’s Pick:  Gracia

Team Cee Lo
Vision of Love

Amanda vs Trevin
My Pick: Amanda
CeeLo’s Pick: Trevin

(Amanda is our next steal!)

Team CeeLo

Domo vs Cody
My Pick: Cody
CeeLo’s Pick: Cody

Team Christina
You Give Me Something

Nathalie vs Aquile
My Pick: Aquile
Christina’s Pick: Aquile

Team Christina
My Life Would Suck

Lisa vs Celica
My Pick: – went by too fast for me to pick!
Christina’s Pick: Celica

Team Blake
Bad Day

Charlie vs Rudy
My Pick: Rudy
Blake’s Pick: Rudy

Team Adam

Caitlin vs Melanie
My Pick: Caitlin
Adams Pick: Melanie

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