Obviously the title of “The Aftermath of Rock N Roll” was what grabbed my attention, but this is not your typical book about Rock N Roll.  This is a nonfiction biography/autobiography, except that the names are changed.

The author, Noelle, married a “Rock Star”, Adrian, shortly after they met.  (Through a millionaire matchmaker site) He had her deceived and he was very, very good at twisting the truth.  He quickly began using her money to buy things, sometimes promising to pay her back, but never coming through with it.

After 16 months, Noelle finally came to her senses and realized that she had married a psychopath and had to get the heck away from him asap.  Unfortunately, Adrian seemed to even have his lawyers fooled for a while and the divorce settlement and proceedings took a really long time.  I liked that the lawyers mentioned in the book were “Dewey” “Cheatham” and “Howe”, which I think is from an old Stooges sketch. (Though my memory might be a bit foggy on that – but either way it gave me a laugh.)

The fact  that this is a true story is all the more startling – this poor woman was losing money in spousal support and lawyer fees hand over fist and her health was fading as well.

Noelle also offers support for other women who may have been in similar situations and hopes that her story will help other women find the strength they need to get out of these situations.

I received a free e-copy of this book fro the publisher in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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