I Am (Not) The Walrus is a book about a young boy named Toby, who plays bass in a Beatles cover band with his pal Zack.  They are in high school and Toby might be a little bit hung up on his ex girlfriend. (At least until he finds a new potential love interest.)  While trying to fix his bass, which was brought home one night by his brother Shawn who is now off in the Navy, Toby finds a note inside saying that the bass is stolen and if found to return it to Julie.  Toby is faced with a situation – does he return it? Or keep it and act like he never found the note?  This situation is what guides the plot for the rest of the book.

Toby ends up calling the number on the note and a guy answers – not Julie.  He tries to find out where Julie now lives to talk to her about the bass and meanwhile the guy that he called now is after Toby an wants the bass.  A music store owner tells Toby that it is a very low serial numbered Fender and that it may be one of the “lost” guitars – ones that were used by famous musicians but were stolen.  Could Toby’s bass have been stolen from a well known musician?

While this story is a juvenile book, I thought it was a cute story about high school kids involving friends, girlfriends and some rock n roll.  It is an easy read and a bit of a mystery as well, which I always enjoy.

I received a free review e-copy of this book in order to write this review from the publisher through NetGalley. I was not otherwise compensated.

A quirky story about girls, love, and rock ‘n’ roll

As the singer and bass player for Lucky Twenty, a Beatles cover band, Toby wants to make it big. But Zach, Toby’s best friend and fellow band member, is convinced there’s a problem: Toby’s utter lack of mojo. How can he croon about love when he’s never even kissed a girl?

So begins Toby’s quest for cred as a lovestruck singer. But his quest derails when he finds a note inside his old bass guitar. Who is the true owner of the bass? And can a kiss really help Toby figure out who he is?

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