Lauren and I left for the show a little after 2. We made good time getting to the venue and then checked Will Call to see if our tickets were there. We were hoping for section 118, which is where Honor Society entered and exited the night before.

We got section 108, Row A. Except there was only one M&G; wristband in the envelope. So while I called my contact, Lauren looked up where our seats were. We met up with my contact and got the second wristband. Then we saw that we were in the FOAM ZONE for the show!

Once we realized all the stairs we’d have to go down, we asked about an elevator and were directed to escalators. We walked around the perimeter to our seats. Mine was a trick seat that wouldn’t stay down once I stood up. Lauren went to get us some $5 hot dogs.

Meanwhile, a woman and 2 girls showed up. Leaving 1 empty seat next to us. We had been assuming that the people next to us also would have won the tickets from the promoters auction. She asked us how we got our seats and we said that we got them from the auction. She said she had gotten hers from stubhub that MORNING.

Then, 2 more girls showed up. They had the seat next to us and the one the mom was sitting in. The usher came over to see what the problem was and they each had a ticket for the same seat. So they called a supervisor over. All 5 of them left and then we saw the 2 girls go to the front row of the section near the middle circle!! If only they had put those tickets in MY envelope and not the other girls! We would have been right under Andy’s main mic!!

Honor Society added in Nobody Has To Know to their setlist, which was super exciting because that’s my favorite song of theirs. They totally rocked it and just seemed completely ON and we got awesome pictures and it was great.

Then was the wondergirls, followed by Jordin. During Jordin’s last song we left to go get in line for the M&G.; Another post will be coming with details on that.

By the time we got out of the M&G;, Jonas was in the middle of their second song. The guard wanted us to go up and around so I pointed to my brace and he escorted us on the floor to our section. The seats were awesome and we totally got foamed and I was so excited because last year we were one row too far back from where Kevin foamed. It was really COLD though. Then the poor workers had to mop it all up so people wouldn’t slip. (Though they didnt do a great job of it)

When the show ended, we decided to walk up the stairs (quite a work out) to go check out the Honor Society signing. The line was SUPER long. We tried to get Andrew’s attention and he waved to girls riiight in front of us but didn’t see us! We decided the line was too long to wait in, and that we’d preorder at the next show to say our goodbyes since it was our last show of the tour. Their first week album sales are going to be tremendous from all these presales! The lines have been just as long every night from what I’ve been hearing!

Honor Society:
Over You
Two Rebels
Nobody Has To Know
Full Moon Crazy
See U In The Dark


Jordin Sparks:
One Step at a Time
Young and In Love
Walking on Snow
S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)
No Air



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