After Jordin’s set we made our way to where the M&G; was being held. We saw a line, which was actually for Honor Society, and other people with our wristbands were in the line so we thought we were in the right place. Then some other people “cut” and the people in front of us were getting upset.

Funnily enough, they were so gung-ho on being “first” in the line, they never double checked that they were in the RIGHT line. We spotted my contact, Sean, that had given us the second wristband and he told us to go through the doors to backstage. We could see the catering area and Jordin’s band was there.

We ended up in the first few people who were going in to see Jordin. We couldn’t do pics with our own camera and couldn’t get an autograph. Jordin was also on vocal rest so she wasn’t supposed to talk to us and I guess we were supposed to limit talking to her as well.

I went first to see her, she was nodding enthusiastically to the girl in front of me so I thought maybe she really wasn’t talking to anyone. Lauren held my purse and I went up to Jordin.

Immediately she made me feel like we had been best friends forever. I told her Congratulations on the new album and she said thank you and gave me a huge hug! We took the picture and she was telling me how I was in for a great show by the Jonas Brothers. I told her that I was there last night and she grabbed my arm and was like “OH! So you know how great it is!” Lauren came up next and I took my purse back and held hers for her and she got her picture taken and talked to Jordin for a bit.

Then we made our way back to the stage where the Jonas Brothers were already performing “Thats Just The Way We Roll” We only missed a song and a half – not too bad!



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