Farmingdale was my birthday show. And not just any birthday, my 25th. I got home from Boston around 3am and we were on the road to Long Island at 10 am. Brutal.

We got there and waited for will-call. Somehow, my name got a +1 added next to it for the M&G; so we didn’t have to do anything to get Lauren to be near me in the line incase it got hectic.

When we got inside, Keli Price, the first opening act was on stage. He was followed by Score 24. Both bands were good, but I wanted nothing more than to see Honor Society and get back home to sleep hahaha

We were against the wall on Andrew’s side. Somehow we always end up on his side. And never end up with enough pictures of Jason. I really don’t know why this happens because its not like we consciously choose this, thats just the area with better places to lean on, I guess!

After the show Ned was trying to direct us with his megaphone. Wristband meet and greeters had to go outside. There were maybe 20 of us. Kat asked if we wanted to get pictures as a group or separate. We decided to go separate because Lauren didnt have a decent looking picture of just her and the guys, just the awkward one from Boston.

I went first, of course Andrew was first and gave me a big hug. I told him it was my birthday so he said happy birthday. Then Alex was next, told him I was 25 today and he got all excited and told Jason and Mike. Jason said “I have a present for you!” and gave me one of his guitar picks!!! Then we took our picture and I told them that I was bringing my cousin to meet them the next day at Verizon and Alex and Andy seemed pretty excited about that because I had mentioned bringing her for almost a year now to them!

When we were leaving, we spotted CJ from Push Play so I got a picture with him as well. I guess he was there with Mandy. (who is also in my picture)

The ride home was supposed to be an hour and a half, but ended up being more like 3. The Throgs Neck Bridge was closed on the way back, we could only take the Whitestone, so of course that was ridiculously backed up. At least I’m familiar with the Whitestone from coming back from Mets games!

Got home and should have gone to sleep early, as i was leaving at 10:30 for the verizon signing and to pick up my cousin, but of course I didn’t.


Nobody has to know
Two rebels
Full moon crazy
Where are you now
My own way
Over you
Sing for you
Don’t close the book
Here comes trouble
See u in the dark


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