We hung out outside the Garden for a while. Jordin’s promoters were giving out Mike and Ike’s (including a special Alex’s Lemonade stand version), Burger King was holding a screaming contest and the Wondergirls stopped by to teach us their dance to Nobody.

Then we sat for a while and waited for our friend Christine to show up. The T wasn’t working so there was some drama with her getting to us.

Finally doors were open. I immediately got a bottle of water and then we went to our seats. The railings weren’t spaced too far apart so it was easy getting down to our 3rd row lower level.

We settled in and started playing with our glo lights. Mine were all duds. Thanks, Target! Lauren’s exploded all over her just a couple minutes before Honor Society was set to hit the stage.

After Honor Society’s set, Lauren left to go clean off the purple mess that was now.. everywhere. 2 seconds after she left, Honor Society walked right past our section, Alex giving his drumstick to a girl in row 1 and Mike giving a pick to a girl in row 2. And there I was in row 3, but they didn’t see me lol

Next up was The Wondergirls, who I guess are HUGE in Asia, but haven’t really caught on in the states yet. They are adorable and my favorite part is when they ask “Who is your favorite? Kevin? Joe? Nick? Wondergirls?”

Then Jordin Sparks did 7 songs. She’s also quite adorable and I hadn’t seen her seasons idol tour so it was my first time seeing her.

And then we waited. And then it was time for Jonas! The band came out and walked right past our section but we didn’t see Jonas getting snuck to the stage.

They started off with Paranoid and almost the whole show was very high energy. The only real dip in the energy was when Nick did Black Keys / A Little Bit Longer complete with his speech about how he’s not letting it slow him down. (We get it)

At one point the middle stage was a trampoline and Nick and Joe was jumping all over the place, and each other.

The highlight of the night for me was the rain screen, where it rained words (“hopeless”), hearts, the Jonas logo and the word ‘ Jonas ‘ in the script font. How DID they do that?

And in a blink the show was over and we had to go track down our friend so we could make the long trek home!


Honor Society:
Over You
Two Rebels
Full Moon Crazy
See U In The Dark


Jordin Sparks:
One Step at a Time
Young and In Love
Walking on Snow
S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)
No Air

That’s Just the Way We Roll
Poison Ivy
Hold On
Play My Music
Fly with Me
Black Keys/A Little Bit Longer
Much Better
Year 3000
Gotta Find You
Turn Right
When You Look Me in the Eyes
Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond cover)
Live to Party
BB Good
World War III
Battlefield (with Jordin Sparks)
Burnin’ Up”


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