The first show of the “tour” was in Boston. Originally it was supposed to be 11pm Friday night, but I guess it wasn’t selling all that well so they bumped it to a smaller venue Saturday afternoon. Which would have been fine if it wasn’t so H-O-T.

Of course, I got sunburned while we were waiting in line. This is nothing new. I get burned just walking from the front door to the mailbox sometimes. I’ve also burned when I’ve had 70 SPF on so really, there is no hope for me.

Just before doors, Ned came out with his megaphone. Before the show, we’d be filming a music video with the guys! They are sponsored this tour by USA Pears and had written a song “tastes like Pear-adise” and since we were at the Paradise Rock Club, they figured it would be appropriate to shoot the video there.

When we got inside we were given a pear. (I don’t care WHO gave me the pear, I don’t really like fruit. I also loved how you could win to meet the jonas brothers by eating apple fries. They are trying realllly hard but I keep resisting)

The guys came out and taught us the song and we had to hold our pears up. And then bite into our pears. But I gave my pear away to a girl who really wanted one. Problem solved.

Then they changed into their concert clothes and at 2pm the show started. Awesome awesome start to what would become a crazy weekend/week. They did 2 new songs, Sing For You and Here Comes Trouble. I’m about 50/50 with the 4 new-ish songs, but they’ll probably grow on me.

After the show, Lauren had a M&G; pass but I didn’t. So I pre-ordered the CD to meet them. But things got really hectic and I got a bit nervous so Lauren and security came to get me to keep me with her so I wouldn’t get knocked over or something. Lauren was in the front of the M&G; line. She had to get an awkward picture with the guys, her leaning back on the table and them leaning forward. Andrew saw me and decided they’d all come around the front for my picture. I love that he’s always looking out for me πŸ™‚ So I got a picture and a signed 8×10 even though I wasn’t supposed to. Oh well, the guys didn’t mind πŸ™‚

After the M&G; we went to Coldstone because we needed to cool down! And then we drove into Boston to the parking garage for the concert at the Garden that night! More on that in my next post!


Nobody has to know
Two rebels
Full moon crazy
Where are you now
My own way
Over you
Sing for you
Don’t close the book
Here comes trouble
See u in the dark


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