At first Jen had said she needed to be home by 12, which we thought was no problem, 3 guys were playing starting at 8 or 9. Then she said she didn’t have to be back at a set time, but that she did have work at 8:30 am so she didn’t want to stay out too late.

Matt York

At about 8:45 Matt York went on and I liked him. He did 4 or 5 songs and said since so many guys were there, they were playing shortened sets so we wouldn’t be there for too long.

Andrew Hoover

A little after 9 Andrew Hoover went on. I’m rarely into “opening acts” unless I already know about them, and if you don’t catch my attention with your first song I am antsy and waiting for you to finish. He told stories in between EVERY song. Now, I wouldn’t mind that if they were actually amusing, but his were not. During his 2nd to last song his guitar went out, and he spent 10-15 minutes making us clap and setting up a new one and then did ANOTHER song. Did he not realize 5 guys had to play tonight? C’mon now.

Curtis Peoples

Curtis Peoples was next and I cant really remember what he said that was funny. OH! He said he’s a big star wars fan and that when him and his band (drummer/guitarist) play, he likes to call them the “CP Trio” hahaha. gotta love geek humor. And he said he looks 12 but he feels old because he used to play CT a lot, even played teenagers birthday and some of those teenagers whos Bdays he played at are now going to college. (it was a 21+ show but those damn teenagers got in…) He also said that it was a Saturday night and no one had to work tomorrow unless you were a priest (or, like Jen, in retail!) so we had to stay there all night. Sorry Curtis, we just couldn’t do it!

Josh Hoge

Josh Hoge was next… he said he was bringing the south to us because he’s from Nashville. And he kept messing with the mic stand for the first song and said he thought it was going to crash to the ground. Backup guitarist (aka Jack Black, who also played with Curtis) was like “What are you trying to do?” and hes like “I’m trying to get it high enough so I’m not singing from my part” and then it was wiggling and hes like “But it’s gone limp. I hate when that happens!” And then he was talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna and was like “I read that she took him back? I don’t know if thats true, but if you let a guy beat the shit out of you and then you take him back, people should just not care about either of you anymore” (though there were a couple of ‘yalls’ thrown in there i think) He also told a story about how an older lady his moms age (60s) came up to him in a mall when he was with his mom (“shes my mom. i can hang out with her!”) and said that there was one song of his that she liked to “do it to” and then his mom said she was proud of him for his music being played while people were making babies LOL And his new album (which i didnt buy, but im gonna have to asap) is all about his ex GF and that she made him move from Nashville to LA for her and he got a job out there working at a surf shop, which made him hate the word ‘bro’ (even though he thought he knew how to surf because him and his bro surfed as childs and then hes like ‘i just said childs. i went through the 7th grade twice’) and that SHE got a job sleeping with other people. And she didn’t even get paid for it. So he took his pug, Nelly, Nelly Pug-tado, and drove all the way back to Nashville.

Ernie Halter

Ernie was next, but it was already 11:30 when he went on, so we stayed for one of his songs, and then had to bail πŸ™ Luckily we could still hear him on the way back to the car so we heard another song or so on the way back. I’ll catch a full set of his one of these days…

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