I have set a new world record. At least in my world, that is. The past 5 consecutive days I have purchased a concert ticket (or two)

Saturday – Curtis Peoples ticket was bought at the door
Sunday – Tony Lucca tickets were bought
Monday – Jonas Brothers in NY
Tuesday – Push Play in CT
Wednesday – Jonas Brothers in MA.

Today, if I was feeling up to it, I could get a ticket to see The Alternate Routes tonight in Fairfield. It’s relatively close to my house, but no one is available to go with me, so I will probably pass. IF I did go, then probably tomorrow I’d buy a bamboozle ticket just to have a 7 day streak.. but.. nah.

I’m thinking I am going to wait until the set times are announced for The Bamboozle before I decide to go. I’m interested in checking out Tinted Windows, Honor Society and Demi Lovato to name a few… but I’m not sure I can last a whole day there. So if all the shows are within a 2-3 hour period (I’ll keep dreaming) then I’ll consider it. This won’t be announced until April 27th though.

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