Saturday night Jen and I made our way to Northampton, MA to see Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. The openers were Clayton Senne and Pat McGee.

It was my 16th time seeing them and probably almost twice that for Jen. We picked up our tickets at Will – Call and made our way in.

Around 7:30 Clayton Senne came out and he played something like 8 songs which seemed like a lot for the first opener. He was followed by Pat who as always was fantastic.

SK6ers didn’t disappoint. I know they did a lot of songs but the highlight of the night was the first encore song where they played a cover of Kiss’ “I Want To Rock N Roll All Night” with an acoustic guitar, TUBA, banjo and saxophone. While it might sound like there was no way that combination could have worked, it somehow worked and was incredibly entertaining. After the show, Stephen told us that the idea came up about an hour before the show and they decided to try it! I was glad they did, it was definitely a success!

After the show, Clayton’s tour manager decided to come ask us why we were not buying his record (we told him we were broke not to offend him that we didn’t really dig Clayton’s set) and somehow he ended up sitting on my lap. (Jen, Andrea and I were sharing a chair so I guess he decided he could too)


Flower In Rain
Sweet Sophia
Wagon Wheel
Now Im Not So Lost
Fourth of July
See You Later, See You Soon
In Front Of The World
Hearts In Pain
Uninspired Gambling
Seven Bridges Road
Start the Day Early
Big Easy

I Want To Rock N Roll


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