I was going to start out this blog by saying that I’ve never been to a concert on one of the artists birthdays before, but then I realized that would be a lie because it was Ramiele’s birthday at the American Idol concert last month! (And perhaps it was others birthdays as well but I just wasn’t paying attention or have forgotten through the years)

But I have been to a Hanson concert on both MY birthday and now Zac’s birthday too, so that must count for something.

I heard 4 new songs – which i was happy about. It took me 2 shows in a row to get 4 new songs in April. (But they also didn’t have a new EP they were promoting) One of which was the only song I hadn’t previously heard from “The Walk”, Fire On The Mountain. Zac did it as a solo on guitar and it was spectacular. (I had heard them sound checking it when I arrived so I kept my fingers crossed)

Two were from Take The Walk EP – Hope It Comes Soon and Follow Your Lead. They had sang the other 2 previously on tour – hopefully I didn’t miss my chance to hear those completely. (Like I think I might have done with “Love Somebody to Know” on the Underneath tour)

And the final new song was a cover, Higher, which I believe was from Sly and the Family Stone.

Other highlights were – Underneath which hadn’t been played in a while (at any show I’ve been to, anyway) and Running Man followed by Oh Darlin’. Gotta love the back to back Zac!

Before Zac did his solo, a lot of the audience put on birthday hats. Zac commented that we were all wearing funny hats. Then he said something like, “No more tattoos? Just funny hats?” taking a jab at how a lot of Hanson fans get tattoos of lyrics, symbols and images that remind them of the band (Or at least that is how I took it)

Later on Taylor talked about how Zac was going to be 23 and i’m not sure exactly what happened but it ended with Zac calling Taylor a jerk!

And maybe this is obsessive, but once again I was thinking scrapbook layouts while taking pics. “Zac of All Trades” for a title – he played the drums, guitar, harmonica and djembe!

Opening acts were Everybody Else (I met Carrick after the show) and Dave Barnes. I was impressed with both of them and will be heading over to iTunes soon to pick up some of their stuff!


The setlist was:
1. Something Going Round
2. Higher (cover)
3. Been There Before
4. Minute Without You
5. Penny & Me
6. Follow Your Lead
7. Great Divide

8. Georgia (acoustic)
9. Go (acoustic)
10. Underneath (acoustic)
11. Fire On The Mountain (Zac solo)

12. Dancin’ in the Wind
13. Blue Sky
14. Where’s the Love
15. Hope It Comes Soon
16. Can’t Stop
17. Running Man
18. Oh Darlin’
19. MMMBop
20. If Only / Lets Get It On
21. Hey
22. Watch Over Me

23. Lost Without Each Other


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