Since things are kind of slow here… I just wanted to post about a new website I found – it is called Peachy Cheap and it is a deal a day website that sells ONLY scrapbook supplies. At first I was incredibly concerned about this because I thought I would go crazy – but I have managed to contain myself and have made only 2 purchases since finding out about the site a couple of weeks ago.

For those of you familiar with WOOT! It is essentially the same thing – but for scrapbookers. Every day 1 item is listed and it is anywhere between 25% and 99% off of retail costs. Shipping is always $5 (you have to pay shipping per item even if you buy more than one of the same thing) and you have to pay via paypal.

So far I got myself some pretty cool rub ons (I might use a few this weekend, but I think most are being saved for the rock boat for journaling space) and just a couple days ago some metal signs which have yet to show up. (I saw one that said “Rock Star” and one that said “Dream Big” and I was sold!) So if you are a scrapbooking looking for a deal – I definitely recommend you add this site to your list of sites to check daily!


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