I had to put myself on a scrapbook spending freeze. Which means, I can’t buy any new scrapbooking items until I am done scrapping The Rock Boat. (Exceptions include: adhesive, page protectors and anything on peachycheap that I just can’t live without because it’s only available for that day, provided I can pay for it with my paypal balance)

I kept a) buying tons and tons of things that who knows when I will use them and b) waiting for everything to come before I worked on anything, hoping it would perhaps give me inspiration.

Now that all my shipments are all caught up, I am chugging along on my pages for The Rock Boat (with the exception of titles because my Silhouette is waiting on a new part!)

I also am planning to try and catch up on everything by mid-May – because with 2 (maybe 3) Honor Society shows, Tony Lucca, Josh Gracin and a trip to Oklahoma to see Hanson… well… just imagine how backed up I’ll be with those concerts alone!!

Monday night I did 2 more Artist pages (Curtis Peoples and Tyrone Wells) which were a bit of cheating because the paper is essentially the entire layout, you just add photos. But it’s still 6 or so less photos in the pile that need to be scrapped! It’s progress! Last night I did a page dedicated to the dining room plates (they were creepy, ok? I had to take pics) and put aside some paper and photos for a Cruise Food layout (Not sure yet if it’ll be 1 or 2 paged layout)

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting my magazines – Memory Makers & Creating Keepsakes which have not only been giving me a TON of ideas for layouts, but have been giving me a TON of ideas of things to BUY. Maybe I will reward myself with some new stamps or kits once all this Rock Boat stuff is done and my scrapbook supply is dwindling again!

Once The Rock Boat is done I still have the following things to work on: Baseball Autographs, Me & Celebs book, NYC ABC book, Saturday’s Acoustic Cafe concert… On top of my regular job and all my volunteer jobs!! Good thing it’s so much fun.

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