Somehow I have only managed to get photos with Idols that have come in second place (even though I have met a winner and 4th place as well) and today that streak continued to 3 with David Archuleta.
Lauren’s got the hookups and got us let into the station for a “Pizza Party” with David this afternoon at KC101’s studios. I mean… at a “secret location”

When we arrived, we watched David doing an interview in the studio and I kind of felt like I was at the Zoo watching him through the glass. Then we headed into a back conference room and had pizza, cookies, candy, etc while waiting for David to finish up his interviews and spots.

Then David entered the room, which was made obvious by all the screams. He went around the room and signed for everyone and then we all got our photos taken with him, thus extending my streak. (For those curious I have also met and Diana DeGarmo, Blake Lewis, Josh Gracin and Ruben Studdard)

I was the only person to stand on David’s left and he said to me “You’re the first one that came to the left!” and I said “Well, I just like to be different” and I think us talking might have been captured in the photo. Haha.

He is so cute and little (though obviously not as little as me) and I just wanted to hug him and squish him.



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