Thursday I was at work, working. (Because really, what else is there to do at work?) When my phone began to ring. It was an 860 number, but hey, I was at work so of course I answered! It was Q105 calling to tell me that I had won passes to meet Blake Lewis at Mohegan Sun Friday night! I had to get to the radio station before 5 on Friday and be at the casino by 5:45 for the Meet and Greet.

We picked up our passes from the station and were told that we would get to meet Blake around 6, he’d be performing at 7 until about 7:30 and then after that we would get to jump the line for the merch signing. Which seemed weird. Was Blake not going to sign at the Meet and Greet?

At 5:45, we met up wit Stephanie from Mohegan and she told us to go through doors and wait and that no one was in there yet. (Though I very badly wanted to scream like Blake was there to freak out the other girls waiting to come in)

A little while later, Blake came in and then left. And then came back. We thought we’d be moving to another room but we weren’t, we did the M&G; in this little lobby area. And Blake did sign. (I bought his CD and got it signed and Lauren had him sign her pass)


Everyone got a photo with him and then we left for dinner which was Ben and Jerrys ice cream.

When we got back to the stage area there was a nice crowd that had formed. I decided to go to the upper level and look down for the performance, while Lauren stayed below for a little bit and then met me up top.

Blake performed 4 or 5 songs, including a free style one he made up about Mohegan Sun. Then everyone made a mad dash down to SolToro for the signing – but Lauren and I went to gamble since we didn’t really see the point in getting in line again when we already got stuff signed.

All in all it was pretty weird.. but very cool.


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