I’m a member of several fanclubs. I find the $20-$40 yearly membership fee to be worth it if it means being that much closer at the concerts. (But get me to join and then not add any dates near me and I won’t renew and might not go see you ever again – I’m talking to you, Maroon 5)

When Backstreet Boys released their tour dates, I knew I wanted to be close. I had decent seats when I saw them in 2001 or whenever the heck that was, but since we had gotten snowed out of their show last year I felt I owed it to Lisa and myself to get good seats for their upcoming show here.

Except… their fanclub doesn’t tell you where your seats are ahead of time! They simply tell you what sections they are in. The sections mentioned were the first 3 sections in front of the stage, so I figured I’d risk it (plus I had already paid the membership fee so I didn’t want it to go to waste since the NSYNC fan in me definitely was feeling shocked and betrayed)

The seats only go back about 30 rows in those sections, which isn’t bad. It would definitely be closer than we were in last December – because we will actually be IN the theater.

Now I am just waiting for the damn things to come in the mail so I can find out where the seats are. It’s kind of like waiting for Christmas, except the gifts aren’t hidden somewhere and you can’t go sneak a peak. They have to show up in the mail first. Sigh.

In related news, the tickets I have for NKOTB are High Roller seats, which I imagine will be decent much like Fan Club seats are.

And I’m too exhausted to drive the MA to see Hanson this weekend so I’m probably selling my ticket or just not going at all. Zac’s birthday show will be good enough for me.

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