Welcome to my concert blog! On this blog I hope to post concert reviews as well as my scrapbook pages. I will try to get a backlog of 2008 posted, not so sure about the past 10 years worth of concerts I’ve attended, but we will see!!

I hope to be adding lots of content here, as I keep track of LOTS of random stats for my concerts. How many I’ve attended, how many different artists I’ve seen live, $$ spent, miles driven, etc. I’ll try to get all of that added in the sidebar soon so you can track it all as well.

I’ll try to get an archive somewhere for a list of all the concerts I’ve gone to as well as all the artists I’ve seen. It’s a lot!

If you can’t wait for that – head on over to My Concert Page and check it out.

Also – my scrapbook photo album can be found at Flickr I hope to get a back log posted there and in the future post things directly to the blog… I have high hopes so we’ll see how much I accomplish.

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