Because we’re bored, this post comes to you as a conversation…

Lauren: It was a bright and shiny day. I was running a half hour late due to traffic so I texted Katie that I would drive. When I pulled into her driveway at 4 p.m., her mom pulled up next to me, of course, I thought that someone was following me instead! Katie and I jumped in my car (not literally) and were on our way to New Jersey!

Katie: Again! haha.

Lauren: Yes, we head to New Jersey for the second time in a month.

Katie: What should have been an hour and a half ride, ended up being more like 3 hours.

Lauren: That was a redonculus trek. Not only was there traffic, there was an fender-bender caused by the bumper-to-bumper traffic!

Katie: Anywho, despite a little confusion with our trusty TomTom, we made it to Oakes Park with time to spare.

Lauren: And at 7:38 p.m. the gentlemen introduced and walked to the front of the gazebo.

Katie: And what we thought would be a peaceful evening, sitting down and enjoying the show was ruined, when Michael told everyone to stand up, and we could no longer see!

Lauren: Thanks Mike!

Katie: Then you left me when they started to play. 🙁

Lauren: I didn’t leave for long!

Katie: Okay, you’re right…Lauren went to scope out a decent spot for us to move to. We ended up standing on the side of the “stage” for several songs.

Lauren: We were there for pretty much the entire show.

Katie: Oh.. maybe i was distracted.

Lauren: What else is new – anyways, below is the set list:

This Bed is An Ocean
Kiss me Like You Mean It
Why Didn’t I?
No Win Situation
Two Rebels
Goodnight my Love
Nobody Has To Know
The Takeover
See u In The Dark

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