August 23 Lauren and I had tickets to see John Mayer in Hartford. But one day I was looking at HS’s myspace and was like “They added a date…” So we decided to try and sell the Mayer tickets (which we were successful at the last minute in doing) and head to Long Island (Islip, NY) to see the gentlemen.

Connecticut and Long Island are kind of parallel to each other. But there is no bridge connecting them. There is a ferry but we would have had to take the car with us and it would have gotten pretty expensive. So basically we drove down the coast of Connecticut, into New York and then up parallel through Long Island, kind of sort of back tracking. I kind of wanted to build a bridge. Or invent a flying car. You know, whatever could get us there fastest.

We got there early and decided to try and see the beach. Except, this is Long Island, everything was private. So we didn’t find much of anything… saw some boats though.

Once we parked, we spotted all the guys on their cell phones. It almost looked like they were all talking to each other. Pretty funny. We paid our $10 donation/admission (It was a benefit for Lupus) and found out that Honor Society wouldn’t be going on until 10 pm. As we listened to the other bands and they said their names, we could tell that this concert was running WAY behind schedule.

The guys took the stage about 10:30 and ended their set around 11:30. We thought they might get shut down because of noise ordinances or whatever it is. Here in CT, I think you can’t play past 11. But despite the wait, a great show was performed, as always.

We quickly said goodbye to Andrew and made our parallel backtracking trek home.

The setlist for the evening was:
This Bed Is An Ocean
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Why Didnt I
No Win Situation
Two Rebels
Nobody Has To Know
See U In The Dark

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