May 3rd was my final Hanson show of The Walk Tour. It was in Lancaster, PA. I went with my friend Marisa, originally from Jersey but now living in PA.

We decided that we wanted to scope out where the buses were and perhaps hang out by them and miss Kate’s performance (but I didn’t want to miss SK6ers). We walked around the block and got to the buses, where there was a very small crowd also waiting.

Marisa decided she wanted to head across the street to get some chips and salsa. Of course, as she is waiting to cross the street with her back to me, Zac and Taylor walk by. She gets back and is mad that she missed them.

We eat our chips. The trash can is just beyond the bus door. Marisa goes to throw the trash out and Zac gets off the bus and is following her down the sidewalk, while I am having trouble containing myself because we knew that was going to happen!

All 3 guys end up going by several times and then we decide to head inside.


Except this venue is strange and only can let so many people on the main floor (and the balcony already had people all around it so you wouldnt be able to see a thing) and until someone else left you’d have to wait in the stairwell.

We talked to the guys to go in to buy merch and get my HNet card scanned. Then we got in line in the stairwell hoping that we wouldn’t miss too much of the SK6ers set.

This had to have been the strangest venue Ive ever been in. But we got a spot near a wall and could kind of see (When the 3 girls in front of us weren’t all taking pictures at the same time. wtf) and stayed there until the encore.

We left and went back to the bus, but it was raining. We had a prime spot, right in front of the bus doors. The guys all walked by us and got on the bus and the rain seemed to let up, but their tour manager, Tim, came out and said they wouldn’t be signing in this weather. We hung around for a little bit to chat with friends, but ultimately decided to believe Tim (which was the right thing to do) and headed out.

As we were leaving, we passed Kate Voegele and told her we enjoyed her set (even though we hadn’t seen it at all… but she did the same set every show so if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all) and she said thanks. Later we followed her bus (accidentally, i swear) down the street for a little bit.

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