Blake Lewis June 24

Lauren and I went to NYC to Blake Lewis in concert – but we were also going to be put to work by Real Magic TV . The site was going to be filming the show with 20 small flip cameras and 2 HD cameras so we had to man 2 of the flips out in the crowd!

News had broke a day or two before that Blake had been dropped from his record label. While we were waiting for Jonathan of Real Magic TV to show up, MTV News was outside filming interviews with fans about what they thought of him being dropped.

We were let inside early to set up, and MTV News was interviewing Blake about being dropped, so we just sat there and watched everything. Then Blake started setting up the stage and we started setting up cameras!


Blake put on a really good show, but unfortunately we couldn’t meet him afterwards because we had to catch a decent train so we weren’t getting home really late!

Brianna Taylor of The Real World opened.


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