I headed to New Jersey after work. I got to the parking lot across the street and took a quick nap. Marisa and her sister were going to the show too but coming late so I was going to wait for them. Once I realized they’d probably be missing SK6ers, I decided to head in. I caught the tail end of Kate’s set.

This night was one of my favorite SK6ers sets. Maybe because I was so far back by the bar no one could bother me and I could see over everyone and wasn’t getting pushed all over the place, I don’t know.

I never did find Marisa or Beckie for that matter during Hanson’s or anyone’s sets, and I didn’t stop by to say hi to SK6ers like I had hoped to.


Marisa and her sister left after the encore to secure us spots by the barricade. After the show I went out and met up with them. This show had started an hour earlier so it was only 11 when it was over as opposed to the usual 12 that seemed to be the norm.

But 12 rolled around and pizza got delivered to the bus and it was then we knew it was going to be awhile and we had stuff to do the next day like.. more fun times at work.

So we left. Turns out Taylor came out and took photos with everyone and Isaac came out as well. Not a huge deal since it was Zac I wanted another photo with…

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