The real story of this show is what happened after in the parking lot and not so much what happened during the show.

Natalie and I spent the night in the car in the parking lot. I didn’t feel like sleeping on the sidewalk (across the street from the beach) if I couldn’t do the walk and therefore couldn’t get stamped to get in early. So we stayed in the comfort of the lovely Randy Taylor (my car).

When we woke up, we headed to find a Dunkin Donuts. When we got back, our spot was gone and the bus had shown up. We found a new parking spot and just chilled in the car.

We got out so Natalie could go on the walk, and i had spotted some elongated penny machines so of course I had to get myself a set from them. So that is what I did while they were on the walk. Then I situated myself to get some great photos when the guys came back and Taylor gave another speech.

Natalie and I played some arcade games and then went back to the car to chill before the show.

And Zac decided the parking lot was his playground.


He was playing with air-soft rifles with some of the roadies and Boots from SK6ers. At one point he was RIGHT next to the car, so Natalie yells “GET ‘EM ZAC” and he looks at us SO CONFUSED. I was taking photos of Zac being all stealth.

Later, he comes back to the car and asks us what we are doing. We told him just chilling and asked him what HE was doing. “Blowing off steam before the show” he told us. We chatted a bit about the BBs that were in the gun. (They hurt. He got hit on his nail earlier and it was still stinging)

We introduced ourselves and he reached into the car to shake my hand. Yes, Zac Hanson was “in” my car. Natalie got a photo with him and I was too shocked to ask. At least I was able to speak in coherent sentences.

After that, we decided it would be a good time to head inside. Where I got yelled at because a guy saw a flash and assumed it was me. I assure you dude, I did not have my flash on.

Later, I got in trouble because my zoom was too big. Dude. I am in the BACK of the place my zoom is about equal to if I had a disposable in the front row at this point – and I need GOOD photos for my scrapbook! I asked him if I didn’t zoom if I could still take pictures and he said yes… so once he disappeared I zoomed in again. I dont know who I was hurting by zooming anyway. Maybe the guy was just jealous of my zoom.


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