This show was a great kick off to my mini The Walk Tour. (4 shows) It was seated which is always my favorite. And we were in the 3rd row.

I decided to stupidly leave my camera in the car, and had only my brand new phone to take photos with. Don’t know why I didn’t at least try to get it in, it could have always been run back to the car. Oh well.

But the best part was when we first pulled in, the walk had just ended. Taylor was talking with some girls so we stopped to take photos (I used Natalie’s camera) This security dude jumped in front, thinking he would block the view and posed. So we had a picture of him, with Taylor in the background and we laughed and gave him a thumbs up and went to find parking. I mean, with the day starting off like that it had to be a good show that night!

And it was. Highlights were 2 new songs I hadnt heard Live before – Isaac’s solo “Every Day” and Zac singing the Beatles “Oh Darlin'” loooved it.

AND we were surprised at the end by PAT MCGEE joining Hanson and SK6ers for the encore. Yes, I will admit it, I went teenie when Pat came out. (And i’m not admitting that ONLY because Natalie CAUGHT IT ON VIDEO…)

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