After work I headed down to New Haven and met up with Jen to see Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers for I believe the 11th time. They were doing a show at Toad’s Place with Alexa Wilkinson. We got our spot in the front row on the 21+ side and hung out there. The lighting was really bad, so I didn’t get many good photos – but the show was great as usual!

4th of July
You’ve Changed
Wagon Wheel
Now I’m not so lost
Father’s Day>
Heart’s in Pain
Bus Song
Girlfriend as Pretty You
Start the Day Early
See you later, See you Soon

E: It’s only that I miss you


Toad’s puts a barricade up to separate the 21+s from the underagers, and for some reason the gap between the two was RIGHT in front of Stephen! Of course he had to comment on it.


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