After work I headed down to New Haven and met up with Jen to see Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers for I believe the 11th time. They were doing a show at Toad’s Place with Alexa Wilkinson. We got our spot in the front row on the 21+ side and hung out there. The lighting was really bad, so I didn’t get many good photos – but the show was great as usual!

4th of July
You’ve Changed
Wagon Wheel
Now I’m not so lost
Father’s Day>
Heart’s in Pain
Bus Song
Girlfriend as Pretty You
Start the Day Early
See you later, See you Soon

E: It’s only that I miss you

Toad’s puts a barricade up to separate the 21+s from the underagers, and for some reason the gap between the two was RIGHT in front of Stephen! Of course he had to comment on it.

Probably one of the best photos of Boots ive ever taken!