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Scrapbook Saturday: Hanson Day 3

Hanson’s final day at Disney

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Book Review: According to a Source

According to a Source is about Ella who sometimes goes as Bella who works for a gossip mag getting all the latest dirt on all your favorite celebrities.  All the names of the celebrities in the books are what you might see in blind items on the internet but you can kind of get an idea of who they are based off of – “not so innocent oversexualized pop star” – yeah, thats gotta be loosely based on Britney Spears, right?  Ella manages to get all the dirt for The Life and even has managed to befriend actress and socialite Holiday Hall – who knows her secret, and her code that she only writes about things that happen in public.

When a new editor takes over at the magazine and tells the freelancers that there is only room for 4 of them and they will have to earn points based on what kind of stories they get, Ella struggles to keep up.  Her mother is very sick and she doesn’t want to tell anything about Holiday, even though she probably knows a secret or two.  When Ella finds herself in the middle of a scandal with Holiday and doesn’t report it to her editor, she pressures her for information and Ella cracks.

Can Ella make right after ruining so many careers, friendships and relationships?  She’s not sure, but she’s hit rock bottom and she is certainly going to try.

As someone who used to try and figure out all the blind items I read on the internet, this book was an interesting look at “behind the scenes” of how that information was sourced.  It also had a great storyline and just enough drama to keep things just over the top enough to keep me wanting to turn the page.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

We live in a society obsessed with celebrity, but have you ever wondered who is on the inside gathering the best celebrity gossip and how do they get access? According to a Source: A Novel by Abby Stern dishes on this behind the scenes world in a way that only a Hollywood insider could.

Ella Warren works for celebrity news website, The Life, as a club reporter. She’s assigned to stake out Hollywood’s hottest clubs and spy on the celebrities inside. When Ella is pressured by her Devil Wears Prada-type boss to find an exclusive story to keep her job, she has to decide if being in Hollywood’s elite inner circle is worth jeopardizing her friendship with actress Holiday Hall, her budding romance with Holiday’s agent, and her family.

A juicy, big-hearted novel about a young woman who loses herself in a fast-paced, glamorous world where finding your authentic self isn’t easy.

Throwback Thursday: Honor Society 10/1/09

Headliner: Honor Society
Opener(s): Esmee Denters
Venue: School of Rock
Cost: $20




Hanson Day 2017 Recap

Over the weekend I headed back to Tulsa, OK for Hanson Day Weekend 2017! This was the biggest members only event yet and many of the activities sold out quickly. I managed to get tickets for all of the sold out events and here’s a bit of a recap for each of the events I attended… more details coming soon but I’m way more exhausted than I had anticipated.

I Heart Hanson Store

We waited in line for about 3 hours for the store to open and were some of the first ones inside. Things were a bit slow going inside the store probably due to the amount of shirts and accessories that were available. Highlights included a pin that said “All my friends are here I don’t want to go home”, a ridiculous amount of t-shirts and the Play EP on CD! (Previously the release had been digital only)  There were some things that I didn’t even realize were for sale so I may have to place an order once items go up on the website Friday.


Isaac hosted karaoke on Thursday night. A huge storm came through while we were waiting and it took me a while to be able to make it across the street from the bakery I was hiding in to the venue for karaoke so I ended up missing 2 songs.  Fans were able to sign up to sing (if they wanted) and names and songs were drawn at random and they were called up on stage. I opted to not participate but had a lot of fun watching my friends and other fans up performing on stage!  Isaac also did a rendition of “Stand By Me” on stage in addition to air guitar and singing with some of the other performers as well.

Hanson Gallery

Each year Zac does some original paintings in a gallery that has some for sale. In addition to the originals, there were also some prints. I was really hoping to get an original and/or something of a pansy.  When I got in to the gallery a little before 11, there were still originals left so I was able to get a painting! Unfortunately the print I had wanted of the pansy was sold out as they were limited to only 10 🙁  They also had a new “Hanson History” aspect of it which included some outfits and props from their music videos – including the MMMBop pansy which had a photo booth set up so you could get photos with it.  The pansy has been my favorite flower since before Hanson (When they video first came out my Mom said , “of course you like this song, it has your flower in it”) so I was pretty pumped about that.

Photos with the band

We were told to be in like by 1:15pm in order to ensure photos with the band – I was working a volunteer shift at the gallery until 1 when I heard they were saying “last call” for photos. We headed over there only to be told the guys had left – but others told us they were just taking a break. We took our chances and it started raining while we were waiting (I very much so debated wearing my poncho for the photo!) but we did end up being able to get a photo. My friend Maribeth teased that I should have worn the poncho and I said I didn’t want to get the guys wet to which Zac responded “That’s why she wanted you to wear it”


This year the lectures were an additional concert – an acoustic storytellers of sorts. The guys did songs and talked a bit about the stories behind them, or just whatever stories in general they wanted to tell. They started with a song that was not on the setlist – Rockin Robin – which they used to sing on the corner before they got their big break.  The guys each did a solo song as well!

ST Leaders Dinner 

I am a Hanson ST Leader for CT and we have a dinner to meet other leaders and discuss a bit what we needed to do to help promote the upcoming single release, tour, etc.  The guys showed up and Taylor said he liked the shirts I made for Maribeth and I and took a photo with us (that later ended up on the band’s instagram!)  It was pouring rain the whole time we were there which made for an interesting walk to our next event.

Hansonopoly Tournament

This tournament was a new addition this year.  There were 3 rounds lasting an hour each of modified Hansonopoly. I started off pretty well with everyone landing on my property but ended up coming in I think 3rd or 4th of 6.  The first round was fun but I didn’t like that if you lost, that was it. (Except that it gave us time to get to the dance party)  I had heard that the 2nd round was much more competitive though so I am not sure I would have enjoyed it much.

Dance Party

Taylor’s activity was the dance party.  We got there a bit late due to Hansonopoly and we didn’t stay very long either because at this point it was pretty late.  Taylor was DJing a mix of songs and everyone was hanging out. There seemed to be a lot less people than last year, I am not sure if they sold less tickets or if a lot of people ending up opting out because the day was such a long one!

Members Only Concert

Before the concert they had the “State of the Band” where they played the new music video that will be out on Friday (which I unfortunately couldn’t really see because of the set up) and announced that the Christmas album will be titled “Finally It’s Christmas” and that they will be doing a TOUR! Woo!

The concert started with the 5 new songs from the new EP “In Color” that they released to members, then they did some other members only songs and a few album tracks as well. They ended the show with a bit of Weird acapella.


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Virtual Race: Voldemort V-Miler

Race Title: Voldemort V-Miler
Distance: 5Miles
Company: Hogwarts Running Club
Charity: Achilles International

Music Monday: John Mayer The Search for Everything

Still Feel Like Your Man
Emoji of a Wave
Love on the Weekend
In The Blood
Theme from “The Search for Everything”
Moving on And Getting Over
Never on the Day you leave
Roll it on home
You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me

Finally, Finally, Finally! John Mayer released “The Search For Everything” in its entirety on April 14.  I had previously reviewed Wave One and Wave Two – so here I am again with the full on album review.  It was kind of weird to get a “new” album but already be familiar with most of the tracks on it and that made listening to it all together a little bit strange because I felt totally comfortable and familiar with some and then a little bit like “who are you and what are you doing here?” with the rest of the tracks.  So after listening to it a couple of times all together, I listened to the newer tracks on their own to get a better feel for them. I keep going back to the Wave One and Wave Two tracks as favorites though – Love on the weekend, Emoji of a Wave have been on heavy rotation. To a lesser degree, Still Feel Like Your Man.  I do like how it is more of a throwback to my favorite John albums (Paradise Valley at this point I can take or leave, Born and Raised is alright but I prefer the “older” stuff) and that he worked with the same group from Continuum which is my favorite. (Today. I think. Who knows. We’ll see.)  Very much so looking forward to hearing some of these newer tracks in concert in August since he didn’t debut any of them live until the album came out – an idea which I get but was a little annoyed about as well.


Scrapbook Saturday: Hanson Halloween Pt 2

Part 2 of the Hanson Halloween shows!

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Book Review: Otis Redding

In addition to being a biography about Otis Redding, this book also talks about the area around him and what the times were like for everyone as a bit more of background so you can really understand what was going on at the time.  I was sad to see that only 1 photo had survived from Otis’ childhood.  Otis knew that Sitting on the Dock of the Bay was going to be his million dollar selling song, but I don’t think he realized that just days after recording it in 1967 he would be killed in a plane crash and it would top the charts becoming the first posthumous single to top the charts in the US.  Many used Otis’ death as a commercial opportunity to make money by selling his records.  This was a very interesting and very thorough biography and a very sad story.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

A definitive biography of Otis Redding, the musical artist who was widely regarded as the quintessential soul singer of the 1960s, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Redding’s iconic performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.

Otis Redding remains a living presence in the canon of American popular music on the strength of such classic hits as “(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay,” “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now),” “Try a Little Tenderness,” and “Respect,” a song that Redding wrote and recorded before Aretha Franklin made it immortal.  As a singer, songwriter, bandleader, and arranger, Redding was the chief architect of the distinctly southern, gospel-inflected style of rhythm & blues associated with Stax Records in Memphis.  Yet, while Redding’s music has long served as the gold standard of 1960s soul, an aura of myth and mystery has always surrounded the story of his life, which was tragically cut short at the height of his career by his death in a plane crash in December 1967.

Otis Redding is the biography that finally does justice to the unfinished life of the man who was once celebrated as the “King of Soul.”  Jonathan Gould’s book draws on comprehensive research, the cooperation of the Redding family, and previously unavailable sources of information to present a fully-formed portrait of Redding’s background, his upbringing, and his professional career.   That said, this biography is not only a book about Redding and his music; it is also a social history of the time and place from which they emerged.  Rejecting the often sentimentalized view of race relations in the music business, Gould never lets us forget that the boundaries between black musicians and white listeners were becoming porous at precisely the moment when racial tensions were reaching a height throughout the United States.  His indelible portrait of Redding and the mass acceptance of soul music in the 1960s is both a remarkable look at a little-understood artist and a provocative exploration of the tangled history of race and music in America.

Throwback Thursday: Push Play 9/26/09

Headliner: Push Play
Opener(s): Phil Benson, Care Bears on Fire
Venue: Irving Plaza
Cost: $0



Book Review: Baseball Faith

Baseball Faith is about 52 baseball stars who reflect on their faith.  About 1/3 of the names from the table of contents I recognized.  There are several Mets and former Mets featured in the book – such as Murphy, Matz, Francoeur, Martinez and Rivera.  And of course, Albert Pujols was featured.  A book about Pujols and his faith was one of the first books I ever read in exchange for a review with this blog!  Each of the players has a writeup including their favorite verse, a writeup about them and some of their stats.  This is a very quick read but I found it very interesting to see which of the verses spoke to the players and why.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Baseball Faith will inspire and encourage you in your faith journey, as 52 MLB players–past and present–share their stories and how they are chasing the success that only comes from being God’s man and following His plan. These men are committed to living their lives with eternity in mind. Empowered by God, they are looking beyond the competition to a larger goal: following God’s game plan for their lives as team players, as husbands, fathers, sons, and then using their influence to point others toward Him. Featuring personal stories from Hall of Famer John Smoltz, three-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw, former MVP Albert Pujols, perennial All-Star Mariano Rivera, and many more,