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New Hampshire Highland Games

A couple of friends invited me along to the Highland Games at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turns out I can get into any sort of competitive sport if I try – whether it be Caber Toss, Hammer Throw or Weight Over Bar. (We missed the Stone Carry) Maybe it was the kilts or maybe I just like I good competition. We also attended the opening ceremony when the bag pipers came in and I said, “Oh, I like this song!” only to be told by one friend – “just wait until the end of the day.” And yeah… maybe I’m over it now because I did hear it quite a few times! I got stupidly sunburned (another one of my trademark “Katie doesn’t know how to properly apply sun screen” burns) and then we tried to get ice cream before leaving for the day after seeing a Weight over Bar world record! I decided that there was nothing I needed more in that moment than a root beer float – only for the guy in line in front of us to order the last one they had. (I wonder if my hyping it up how badly I wanted it made him change his mind and order it…) We had some time to kill so we wandered around a shop for a bit before the concert that evening – featuring the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. Who knew bagpipes and rock music worked so well? Well, RHCP I guess… Most of the songs didn’t have anyone singing, but I am fairly certain AC/DC Long Way To The Top was in there somewhere (and how could it NOT be?) It was a lot of late nights and early mornings and I’m not sure I’d do that drive again (4+ hours!) but I enjoyed myself.

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Impractical Jokers at Mohegan Sun

Friday June 7 The Impractical Jokers brought their Cranjis McBasketball tour to the Mohegan Sun Arena for night 1 of a 2 night stay.  My Mom managed to score free tickets and my brothers who got me into them in the first place said that it wouldn’t be any fun to see them live because it’s not like the TV show and decided they didn’t want to come.

I went back to the machine I had won on my last 2 trips, only for it to take all of my $20.  I had been eyeing a polar bear machine behind me and went over there with $10 and was hoping to get back up to $30 to come out even for the night.  I kept getting “BIG WIN” which was about $6.  Then it said “MASSIVE WIN” and I won $84 and not too long after “HUGE WIN” and won even more.  Since we still had time until doors I decided to first play to come home with $50 over my $30 but ended up leaving with $70 over my original $30.  Not bad!

We ended up in the back of the lower level of the arena for the show.  I’m not a huge fan of comedians and the opening act was blah.  Usually I just don’t like anyone – but my Mom agreed that he was very weak.

The jokers came out and they each told some stories while the others interjected and made fun of them.  They also showed some videos and we were laughing pretty much the whole time.  (although Murr sucks at telling stories and Sal is definitely the best at it.)   They also asked how many people had seen them before and how many it was their first time – there were only a handful who had seen them before which led them to realize “they never come back” lol   I’m not sure I’d go see them multiple times on the same tour since I’m pretty sure it is just the same stories each night, but I’d definitely consider seeing them again in the future on another tour!  For now, I’ll just stick to watching them every week on TV (and hope there is also an after party episode with Joey Fatone!)


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Australia ’19 – Sydney

Our next stop was Sydney, but we drove from Melbourne to Nat’s in Canberra.  We ended up stopping at the same rest stop with a Macca’s as last time – and they still had the McSpider on the ice cream machine that I tried and failed to get a photo of last time.    We also ended up stopping somewhere so I could get my photo taken with giant Ram balls… When in Australia?

The next morning we drove to Sydney, stopped off at our apartment and went out exploring a bit.  We went to Darling Harbour to the Hard Rock Sydney to eat and then wandered around a bit before going back to get ready for that night’s show at the opera house!  We got a photo on the steps of all the fans there that we could gather up.

It was amazing to see a show in the opera house!! The sound was amazing, though they did seem to flub up I Was Born a little bit, but were able to recover.  The guys parents were 2 rows in front of us, so I caught myself sneaking glimpses of them here and there to see their reaction to things – they just looked so proud!

The second day in Sydney we did a ferry harbour cruise to see the opera house from as many angles as we could.  Turns out we bought the wrong tickets and almost ended up with a $250 fine but the guy ended up just letting us through. (We were also willing to pay the difference for the right ticket but he said we didn’t have to do that either!)

Continuing my tradition of going up tall buildings – we went up the Sydney Tower where a random dude jumped into our photos and he only has 1 arm (in the photo) and it became the funniest thing ever.  The elevator had a spot to “smile and wave” but it was always empty.  Maybe you could see the other elevators when they had people in them? I don’t know.  We went to pick up some food and drinks where I got a raspberry beer to try (ended up being too sour).

We got dressed and headed back to the opera house for round two – we ate there – where I was given no silverware and a seagull came by and ate our french fries.  For this show Nat did a crown braid – the hair style I had been growing my hair out and waiting for!

After the show the guys ended up doing an encore of Too Much Heaven acapalla with no mics that was absolutely amazing!!

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Non-Disney Disney Trip

A couple weeks ago I decided to take a random trip to Orlando/Disney without doing any of the parks.  When Disney announced they were doing a special Snow White character meals, I ended up booking 4 dates in hopes that I could make one of them work with the abundance of Southwest credits I had amassed due to me canceling flights / finding that prices had dropped / etc.  I had enough to get to Orlando round trip (and *still* have some left over that I may lose if I can’t plan a trip before the end of June!)

I took a 5am flight out of Hartford, landed in Orlando at 8am, and had a ton of time to kill before being able to check into my hotel at 3pm.  I ended up heading over to Disney Springs, getting myself a Sprinkles Cupcake and then heading to pandora for my first bracelet (and 2 Snow White related charms) since I had some charms from Australia and no bracelet! I then headed to the Outlets to see what Disney stuff was there – but it was a total mad house and that didn’t last long.

Later that night I knew that Joey Fatone’s “Fat One” hot dog truck would be at a food truck festival, so I decided I had to go check out the new menu.  A couple days before I left for my trip the Fat One’s twitter tweeted about “You’ll never know who might show up” so I figured that Joey himself may be there – and sure enough he was!  Loved the new menu – I have tried 3 of the hot dog types now and have yet to be disappointed.

The next day my uncle picked me up for lunch and took me to CityWalk where we went to Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium –  I had wanted to go my last couple of visits but it just never worked out.  The meal was great as was the shake – once I realized that my straw was not working because the bottom of it was stuffed with Rice Krispies Treat.

Later that night my cousin picked me up and we headed to Artist Pointe for dinner with Snow White!  I thought that it was a really great character meal (though I have not done all that many as an adult and they terrified me as a child)  Snow White, Dopey and Grumpy come around to the table and when you are finished with your meal you get to go approach The Evil Queen.  She told me that my purple cane was a good choice and she was going to teach me to be stoic because I should know, smiling causes wrinkles!  There was a 3 course meal – appetizers, the main course and dessert.  Definitely too much food, but it all was pretty good (with the exception of a few way too salty bites of my prime rib. But the mashed potatoes were fantastic)

The next day I met up with a friend and her family to meet her new little one at the T-Rex Cafe at Disney Springs.  It was similar to the rainforest cafe, but dino themed and we ended up sitting in a Triceratops – my favorite! I was nervous about making it to the airport in time for my flight – only to have woken up to find it had been delayed nearly 2 hours.  So much for getting home at a decent hour!  (At least I didn’t pick the 11pm flight and have that one end up delayed on me.)  The flight time kept fluctuating but it looked like the plane that was supposed to become our flight wasn’t going to land until 5:50 so I knew we couldn’t take off before that! (Initially we were supposed to take off at 5:24pm)  I am not sure if it was a shuffle due to the MAX-8s being grounded or just something else entirely – but made it home safely so the details don’t really matter.

It was a nice more relaxing Orlando trip without the ‘go go go!’ of getting up early, staying out late, and exhausting yourself at the parks!  Although I am sure I will be making a park trip again sometime soon 🙂

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NPH at RJ Julia

Wednesday April 3, Neil Patrick Harris did an event with RJ Julia to talk about his book series, The Magic Misfits.  Tickets went on sale while I was flying from Hartford to Dallas for the first leg of my trip to Australia – so I bought wifi when I got on the plane, took a nap (6am flight – naps are needed) and set my alarm for 9:50am as tickets were set to go on sale “around 10am”.  I had everything on alert to get notified when the link went up – only to have it not work initially.  As we began making our descent into Dallas, I finally snagged a ticket.  I had no idea how quickly it would sell out (but I knew it would sell out) so desperate times called for desperate measures.  Turns out I did have time to wait and could have snagged it during my layover – but if I didn’t try to buy it from the sky I am sure it would have ended up sold out on me.

Wednesday finally came and we got there about an hour before doors to find maybe 10 people in line in front of us?  As time to enter neared, staff from the bookstore said he was running “Very, very, very late” and we could not be let inside until he arrived as we were supposed to pick up our signed books as we entered.  As these are kids books, a lot of children were present and were definitely getting restless as time went on.  We finally ended up let inside, where we waited for the books NPH was off signing somewhere to be delivered in groups.  We snagged seats in the 3rd row center and had a great view.

Around 7:30 the event started.  NPH walked out and put his phone on the table next to him, only for it to fall off.  He then realized the table had a curve to the end of it and did it a few more times as it was amusing him.  He talked about his love for magic, how the books originally were going to be picture books but he ended up writing them for a bit older kids instead, how some of the characters are based on people he knows and he was just overall very amusing and knowledgeable and a lot of fun to listen to.  Then they opened the floor up for questions – but the questions all came from the kids and I thought that they were GREAT questions I never would have thought of on my own.  “Who is your favorite character and what did they do that made them your favorite?”  “How did you name the characters?”  I am pretty sure if NPH had all the time in the world, he would have stayed there all night answering these kids questions and he just seemed so impressed that they were reading and raising their hands and asking.  (He did tell a story about how his kids don’t like to raise their hands in class and he told them that even if they don’t know the answer to raise their hang because that is how you learn.)

After the talk they picked 5 raffle tickets to get their books personalized by NPH.  Unfortunately we weren’t chosen! But it was a fun night all the same and I am looking forward to finding the time to read the books! (#3 comes out in September!)

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Back To The Island 2019

Back to the Island 2019 was off to a stressful start.  We were supposed to get some rain turning to snow Tuesday into Wednesday, and my flight was at 5:45am Wednesday morning.  Southwest issued a waiver so I could change it for free but the forecast couldn’t be pinned down and the airport was supposed to be getting anywhere from a coating to 6 inches.  I became obsessed with using FlightAware to track what planes were going to become my flights and ultimately decided to get a cheap hotel room up the street from the airport the night before. (Which ended up being the same one we stayed at when we stayed up at the casino way too late to try andmeet Joey Fatone… the hotel of bad decisions.)  Turns out it was a good decision because despite having to clear off my car while in snow up to my ankles, the highway I need to take to get to the airport was a mess and was shut down due to an accident and I probably would have gotten stuck.  My flight from Hartford to Baltimore went off without a hitch and Baltimore seemed to have no snow at all, or it had stopped early enough that they were able to clear it all out before I arrived.  On our shuttle bus to Jamaica, the sky seemed to be getting darker and as we approached our resort it was raining.  We made it to the resort, checked into our room, and got a golf cart ride to the door.  As we were settling in, it just started to downpour so we decided rather than try to go get food somewhere we would order room service.  We were quoted 45 minutes until it came.  2 hours later… our feast arrived.

At 10pm it was time for the first show of the trip – themed “Rock All Night”.  The setlist was basically the same as 2017s Middle of Everywhere tour with a few Members Only songs thrown in and a few made up on the spot songs for good measure – neither of which I recorded or really remember anymore but with all the phones that were in the air at the time I am sure there are videos somewhere.  Looking at the setlists there aren’t any real standouts but I did like that they played You Never Know. We also got 2 songs we knew would be repeats – This Time Around and Where’s the Love since the next night’s theme was “Surprise Me” which ended up as String Theory aka the setlist that has NO surprises because it is the same every show. *shrug*

Day 2 we got up and went to the beach for a bit, grabbed some lunch at the super slow Level only grill, then got ready for the String Theory Q&A.  The guys admitted that when they were planning the event we didn’t know much about String Theory and they thought that the Q&A would be a good idea but that now that they toured the US with it we knew what it was.  A mic was set up in the middle aisle and allowed for fans to stand up and ask their questions and I was actually really impressed with the questions asked – relevant to the topic of String Theory and some pretty decent stumpers for the guys. Not the usual ones that I can answer or don’t care to even know an answer to.

That evening the shows kicked off with Zac’s solo set.  It was a great set and may be tied with Taylor’s for my favorite – he did The Ballad of Seymour Better Times which he had debuted last year at the event and mentioned that it would be on the Members Only EP.  He also finished his set with a new song called Reading Your Mind that he said was beach boys inspired that would also be on the new EP.  (So I guess we know we are getting at least 2 Zac leads in May!)

The concert that night as I had already mentioned was String Theory – except rather than playing with an orchestra they played with the instrumental CD as a backing track.  It was kind of cool to hear some of those arrangements without the orchestra really being there – but this set choice kind of left me confused.  Also the behavior of some fans in the ADA section that didn’t belong there before the show left me kind of bitter before the show even started and I had even considered leaving the area half way through the set but decided that I shouldn’t have my show ruined because of them.


After the show Zac set up in the main street to play some Super Smash Bros with fans who lined up to play.  We watched for a little bit and then headed back to the room to sleep.

The next day started off with group photos – a little switch to the schedule we are used to due to the excursion the next day.  We lined up pretty early because I wanted to try and stay out of the sun after getting burned the first day.  I also was worried about the waterfall excursion and was having FOMO if I didn’t go, but was worried I may injure myself if I did.  When I approached them for the photo I was like “Soooo… this waterfall… are you guys going to be there?” and Taylor said there was something but he didn’t want it to get out. [The event has passed now so I think I can tell the rest] I said “I promise I won’t tell anyone but I just want to make an informed decision.”  We were told to pose for the photo and then Taylor said, “It is up to you, but I’ll be waiting for you at the end. But I will be here like 3 hours later!” and Isaac chimed in and said “it is a lot of walking”   Well, yeah, but that’s not so much the problem as CLIMBING A WATERFALL is lol  When Maribeth got up to Zac and I hadn’t quite left yet, Zac turned to her and said something about how we were “telling secrets”  Taylor told me to “pinky promise” and I left even more conflicted than when I had walked up to him. (But my main concern was them ALL being there and me missing a song)

Then it was time for Isaac’s solo show – I feel like Isaac finds something that worked in the past – and just sticks with it.  Usually his solo sets are my favorite but this year he didn’t hit the spot for me.  He didn’t do any new songs – he did A Life Without You AGAIN… (it was fun the first time…) and he continues to throw Smile into his set but we only liked that the first time because he thought he was singing something completely different… and allowed for some requests as well but shot down anything that was too old/rare because he didn’t know the lyrics.  He also started with his David Garza cover again because he said it didn’t work that well last year so he was going to keep doing it until it worked out.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the set, but I guess I am just looking for more variety in setlists from him over the years. (Or I’m spoiled.)

That evening were the guest show.  We went to dinner at the steak restaurant and I was wanting to check out the guests performances.  Jacob Tovar was on first and a bit too country for my liking.  I did get a kick about him singing about Tulsa and me knowing what streets and stuff he was singing about.  Lewis Watson was up next and I watched a couple of his songs as well but spent most of the night listening from bed to rest up to watch Zac prepare to take on fans in Mario Kart for a bit that night.

The final day everyone in my group went to climb a waterfall while I opted to stay back and sleep in.  I read a bit on the back porch and wandered to one of the restaurants for lunch as people started getting back from the trip and letting me know that Taylor was there! (See, I was a good secret keeper!)  Then we went swimming for a bit and got ready for Taylor’s solo show.

Due to the setup of the ADA section and my assumption that Taylor would be at the piano for most of his set, I opted to watch the show from my porch. (I did pay extra for a stage view, after all!)  I was happy with his setlist and he was tied with Zac for favorite but after sleeping on it for a bit I think he is going to come out with the win for the solo sets this year, even though he did a lot of songs I am kind of over hearing.  Never Let Go used to be rare, not so much anymore. (*dodges tomatoes*) I did like the new sound to Runaway Run, which is one of my favorites and upon first listen (I’ll listen 100 more times over the weekend to figure out lyrics) I really enjoyed This Is Criminal and it would be criminal if it is indeed the “first and last” time he ever plays it.  Feeling Alive as a solo was a really nice way to close out his set as well.

After Taylor’s set was the banquet on the beach.  Aside from the steakhouse, I really felt like the food at this resort left something to desire.  I admit I am a bit of a picky eater, but even the things I did like to eat didn’t really taste all that great.

Then it was time for the last show of the trip – the member’s only show – which historically has been one of my favorites.  This set actually wasn’t terrible at all – but if you’re going to call it member’s only – stick to the theme.   I know I have complained a bit about the setlists and really they weren’t bad – if we went into this with no theme voting at all – I’d have been pleasantly surprised and happy with them.  The fact that we had themes that weren’t stuck to is what my problem is.  And voting on the same themes year after year has gotten old too.  Let’s mix things up. I want to hear some things that have never been played live. Some new things. Some rare things. (I know, I know you’re all complaining that I’m complaining because I’ve been able to go all 7 years.)   Somehow On and On was a stand out to me this year and it is a song I usually a not much of a fan of. Not sure why the switch there.  White Collar Crime was also a highlight and ending it (sort of) with Don’t Stop Believing made the entire trip worth it. (Ok maybe I’m exaggerating juuuust a bit there.)


On the way home,  I wasn’t sure if my 1.5 hour layover at BWI was going to be enough to clear customs/immigration and security again.  Once the government shut down had ended I thought I’d be in better shape but it turned out that 1.5 hours was PLENTY of time.  I was through Customs/Immigration in about 5 minutes (the guy pushing my wheelchair said that I was the fastest person to fill out the customs form he had ever seen – we weren’t given any on the plane because most people use the kiosks but wheelchairs go to an agent) and then security with pre-check took about 20 minutes because there was not a dedicated precheck line, we just got to cut in.  The TSA officers at BWI were also *amazing* and so, so helpful. Usually that is not the case but they didn’t have a cane for me to use and I was offered everyone’s arm or hand to hold as I needed to get through. I got to my gate just as the Super Bowl halftime show was starting.

Another highlight / fun story – The first night we decided to nap before the 10pm concert due to being up so early to travel.  We didn’t lock the door so housekeeping came in to offer turn down service but once they saw us sleeping, left. (I was only trying to sleep and failing miserably. Did not get much sleep the whole trip!)   I was a bit freaked out – so when the door was being knocked on AGAIN and the person on the other side said “housekeeping”, I ended up jumping up and locking all the extra locks on the door instead of opening it to see what they wanted.  It turned out that it was just my friends coming to surprise me as one friend I did not know was going to be attending and she surprised all of us at the last second! Once I explained why I didn’t answer the door and that I was freaked out that someone had come in the room we all had a good laugh at their choice to say “housekeeping” when they knocked!

Overall I added 3 new songs to my count – 2 that had never been played before and 1 cover.  Only spotted one crab and it was dead and had been stepped on :*(  I bought a really nice wood sun with the Hanson symbol carved in the middle.  Totally overdid it swimming to the point that my legs still are not happy with me 4 days later (honestly probably a good problem to have and maybe I should swim some more this summer at home.)

I’m ready took book for year 8 but hoping we will either have new setlist themes or us voting will be thrown out the window. I just hope a trip with NO setlist voting doesn’t backfire even more…

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Anti-Bucket List 2018

Start off the year in a greenhouse plan b stage due to weather.  Finish the year off in a tent that is about to cave in due to weather.  Go to Vegas to see a residency show. Have my first kiss.  See All 5 *NSYNC Members together again.  See pretty much all the 90s/00s boybands in the year (*NSYNC, BSB, Hanson, O-Town, 98 degrees) Say goodbye to my favorite LFO member, Devin. See 8 shows with orchestra accompaniment. (And only 7 were Hanson!) Have a giggle fit mid slow-song in a concert. Visit 2 new states: Georgia and Tennessee.  Visit 2 new major league ballparks: PETCO Field and Coors Field.  Visit 4 new minor league ballparks: Dunkin Donuts Park, ONEOK Field, MCU Park, NYSEG Stadium.  Take a business trip to California and Oklahoma. Visit Disneyland. Not make my GoodReads goal of 100 books for the year (57/100). Start Grad School. Maintain a 4.0 GPA for the first semester of grad school. Be a year+ behind on scrapbooking to finish out the year.  Start to really realize who my true friends are and really cherish those that have been there for me all year when things got a little crazy.  Have 0 motivation to turn this into a fun graphic before heading out for a New Year’s Party.

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Lance Bass at Sacred Heart

Monday October 15th Lance came to Sacred Heart University as part of their lecture series. While the lecture was geared towards the students there it was open to the public and we very well may have been some of the oldest fans that showed up… but ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! Lance ended up talking about various topics for almost an hour – his failed Russian space mission, growing up and not knowing he could be a musician, getting the call asking him to be in *NSYNC, the Brady Bunch house, being an actor, causes that he supports and that are near and dear to his heart, coming out as Gay and how growing up without any out role models affected him and how he wants to help be a role model for LBGT kids today…. The last 15 minutes or so were reserved for questions and I have to say that I’ve been to a few events like this and they were probably the best questions as a whole that I had ever heard asked. Definitely touched on some great subjects like what projects he has in the works (an *NSYNC broadway show? A documentary about Lou Pearlman? New *NSYNC merch coming out…) Afterwards we hung around and were able to catch Lance leaving and get pics with him and I chatted with his husband Michael a bit as well.

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Hanson at The Big E

Friday September 14th was the first day of the Big E and Hanson was the entertainment for the evening at the Court of Honor Stage.  After finding “handicapped” parking in a pile of mud, we rode a golf cart to the main entrance, took a bit of a walk around and realized 2nd row was up for grabs for the show.  We hit up one of the fried food stations for lunch (funnel cake and deep fried oreos – lunch of champions) and then snagged a spot in the 2nd row for the day, knowing we would be seeing Street Beat at 1pm and 6pm and Blessid Union of Souls at 3pm.  We also had a good laugh that you couldn’t bring any weapons inside – but wonder knifes and the like were readily available for purchase once you made it inside of the fair.

Street Beats first performance left something to be desired, but the second they used a lot of kids as their volunteers from the audience and that seemed to make things a lot more fun and exciting.  Blessid Union of Souls was a pleasant surprise – I had remembered “Hey Leonardo” from the 90s but had completely forgotten they also had a hit with “I Believe”  The lead singer wore a shiny shirt that had to have not been able to breathe at ALL… and he was covered in sweat by the end of their awesome 1 hour set.

Hanson came out for a soundcheck which drew in quite a crowd – many not realizing that it was not their actual set until after they left. (Are there really people out there that think they only play their songs only halfway through during concerts?)  The crowd got larger and larger until the show started at 8pm and I never did manage to turn around to see just how big the crowd got but was told by friends who were in the back that the crowd went allllll the way back.  (Maybe if the have Hanson back they will get to play the bigger stage next time!)  They did a set mixed of hits and other fan favorites and although I probably would have pulled a couple of songs out of the set if I was in charge of making the list, it was a pretty solid setlist.  Very high energy for about an hour and a half!

My one regret was giving up waiting for the guys to come out after the show – when we left and just ended up in stand-still traffic on the highway anyway due to an accident.  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20

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Hanson String Theory Denver

When the Denver, CO date was initially announced I said I was *not* going even though I could have pulled off going for the weekend using NO vacation days at all.  Once I saw the layout of the venue, I ended up getting myself a ticket and started planning the trip.  Initially I decided to fly in on Saturday and out on Sunday, but realized with it being a Friday off from work and the Rockies were in town (For 90s night, no less) it was worth it to cross off hitting up Coors Field for a game from the Bucket List.

The Rockies played the Los Angeles Dodgers and oddly enough, two of the members of the team have a bit of a Hanson connection.  Yasiel Puig was in an ESPN Sports Center commercial that featured “MMMBop” as an “at-bat song” and Joc Pederson had his at-bat music high jacked a few years back to “MMMBop” which resulted in him hitting a grand slam.  The Hanson connection must have worked in the Dodgers favor as they ended up beating the Rockies 4-2. (And sadly, my Rockies fave, Charlie Blackmon, went 0-5 on the night.)


Saturday we ended up hitting up the 16th Street Mall for a bit as well as taking a trek out to Red Rocks to see the Amphitheater and the surrounding area.  I was the only one of the group that had been there before so I got to play a bit of “tour guide” and point out where Hanson’s name was on the wall under 1998 – and we were happy to see that it was added for the 2015 show I had attended there as well!

Saturday evening it was time for my 2nd String Theory show.  The venue was just as exciting as I had hoped and the sound was 100x better than I had imagined it would be.  In Pittsburgh, a lot of the songs seemed to be drowned out by Hanson and I wasn’t sure if they were just playing too loudly and the orchestra too softly or if the sound mix wasn’t quite on par or if that’s just how everything was going to end up sounding.  In Denver I had none of those questions and everything sounded completely amazing.  The conductor/maestro Christopher Dragon was also a pleasure to watch as he absolutely got into it the whole show.  Honestly, I think I was watching him more than Hanson for the majority of the show.  From my view he definitely stole the show!  I wish that he could just join the entire tour, he was that great.

The problem with writing this review a week removed from the show is now I can’t remember any of the highlights I had wanted to mention.  This show seemed to go by much, much quicker than the Pittsburgh show, I am not sure if it is because I knew what was coming or because it sounded so amazing and I just didn’t want it to ever end.  Much like Pittsburgh, there seemed to be a natural progression with people deciding to stand up near the end of the show during I Was Born.  Me Myself and I was the song that made me tear up (but not Broken Angel like last show) and there may have been one in the 2nd part as well but I can’t remember now.  It’s kind of funny how the same setlist can hit you in an entirely different way based on what lyrics you are intently paying attention to and what might be going on in your life at that moment.  I’m glad I have Hanson concerts and weekends with my Hanson friends to run away to.

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