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Throwback Thursday: Tinted Windows 8/4/09

Headliner: Tinted Windows
Opener(s): N/A
Venue: Mohegan Sun Wolf’s Den
Cost: $0



Concert #500 – John Mayer at TD Garden

I knew that my 500th concert was going to be coming up, but with adding and removing shows from my list I wasn’t exactly sure what was going to shake out to be #500. Turned out with the addition of the “Freestyle 90s” show the night before, John Mayer got the honor of being #500.  For his “Search for Everything” tour he broke up the set into different chapters.  The show kicked off with him doing a full set, then an acoustic set of just him and DRH, the JM Trio made its triumphant return to the stage for Chapter 3, then back to to full band, the encore and the epilogue.  We had a chance to see the setlist that was “version 1” on the side of the stage – he only ended up changing one song. (And Why Georgia was spelled wrong on it, fyi.)

It had been quite some time since I had last seen John and I was really, really pumped for this show and he did not disappoint.  Some other reviews have said that his voice didn’t sound the same, and I didn’t notice it in the moment, but listening back to the show that was posted on, there is a bit of a difference and it did seem like it took him a few songs to get warmed up.  I did also see him spray his throat when he left the stage during the set changes in between the chapters.

I was hoping for more songs from the upcoming album release to be included in the set, but I guess he is holding them out for after the album was released – which I guess makes it a good thing that I am going to see him again in August.  He did play a few of my favorites – Gravity and Vultures and Johnny B. Goode was the tour debut of that song.

The highlight was probably when he talked to his central nervous system.  As I had gotten no sleep the night before and wasn’t getting any sleep that night either I could totally relate. “Yeah, hi, central nervous system? I owe you… I owe you like a night of sleep. Listen, I’m not going to pay that tonight. What happens if I deal with that tomorrow? Oh, horrible day at work? Got it. Wish that I was dead for 12 hours? Good. Ok.  That’s fine. Please don’t call me… please don’t call me ever again”

He also thanked us all for being “Mayer defenders” at some point in our life and mentioned that he didn’t know that he loved anything to want to sit that far back from it when thanking everyone for buying tickets, even if they weren’t the best seats because they couldn’t have said no and that they’d catch him another time, but they didn’t.



Freestyle Loves The 90s Concert

After leaving the comic con, we decided that we might as well try for 2 *NSYNC members in one day and we once again split off 2 and 2 – this time myself and Casey headed to Mohegan Sun on a mission to find Joey Fatone who was hosting the “Freestyle Loves the 90s” concert at the arena.  While I thought I was, in every sense of the words, a “90s kid”, there was only one act on this bill that I knew who they were – Tiffany.  And honestly, I’d consider her more of an 80s act. And I had seen her before.  So really, the only reason I wanted to go into the venue was to see Joey.

We had debated just waiting to try and find Joey outside in the casino somewhere but when SECOND ROW tickets opened up as we were asking about tickets, we decided to buy them.  Probably not one of our smarter ideas, but at least we did get to see Joey.  Except for the fact that there were 14 acts and we saw 4 of them before he ever graced the stage and it was probably the worst concert I had ever been to.  But, it was also the closest I had ever been at the arena.  When you’re that close you can see who is performing with their fly down and which lady completely ripped her pants in the middle of her set. And how one act went on stage with her reading glasses on her shirt and then lost them by the end of her set.

After the show we tried to find Joey and figured out he was in the club, Avalon, but it being a Saturday night the line was insane and there was no chance that we were going to be making it inside. Turns out that was exactly where he was all night. 🙁

We did end up seeing just about every other act who was in the show with the exception of Tiffany and Joey, of course, the two we wanted to spot! Just another thing to add to the list of stupid things I have done for boybands.

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Throwback Thursday: David Cook 8/1/09

Headliner: David Cook
Opener(s): Green River Ordinance
Venue: MGM Grand Theater
Cost: $40




Throwback Thursday: Honor Society 7/22/09

Headliner: Honor Society
Opener(s): Jesse James
Venue: Blender Theater
Cost: $34




Andy Grammer at Mohegan Sun Arena

I saw on Mohegan Sun’s website that they were doing hotel packages for an Andy Grammer show, but didn’t know he was coming.  It turns out it was one of their invitation only concerts and luckily I was invited!  Seats are assigned to sections and are general admission within them and when we picked our tickets up we were up in section 116. Quite a difference from the 2nd row seat I had last time I saw him!

He started off his set with two of his older singles – Keep Your Head Up and Fine By Me. He threw in several covers throughout he set and even did a brand new song that should be on his next album called “The Good Parts” and finished his set with Good to Be Alive.

The show was a lot of fun and Andy puts on a great show – playing piano, guitar and trumpet – using 2 mics at once to distort his sound and even throwing in a little dancing as well!  It sounded like he hasn’t played a show in a while and he kept saying how happy he was to be there and how being on stage was “his favorite”!

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Dalton Rapattoni The Acoustic Attempt Tour

At the end of March Dalton Rapattoni came back to Connecticut this time with his “Acoustic Attempt Tour” which was just him and his guitar – and that was it. No opener, nothing.  The show had doors at 5pm, Dalton was on stage by 5:30 and a little after 6 he was told he only had 10 minutes left! He did a decently sized set considering the time constraints – some of the songs performed being contenders for his upcoming album.  He chitchatted a bit throughout the set and mentioned how he does that to distract us from the fact that he is tuning his guitar!  After the show I had a M&G and told him I enjoyed this set better than his last and he teased that he was going to let the band know! I explained that the band was awesome last time and I loved them, but there is just something more intimate when it is just him and his guitar.  I was one of the last ones for the M&G and was in my car by 7pm.  I kind of love shows that end that early – I’m getting too old for all the late nights 😉

Dalton Rapattoni Setlist The Acoustic, Bridgeport, CT, USA 2017

Throwback Thursday: Jonas Brothers 7/21/09

Headliner: Jonas Brothers
Opener(s): Honor Society, Jordin Sparks, Wonder Girls
Venue: Nassau Coliseum
Cost: $50



Throwback Thursday: Jonas Brothers 7/20/09

Headliner: Jonas Brothers
Opener(s): Honor Society, Jordin Sparks, Wonder Girls
Venue: Nassau Coliseum
Cost: $85


Lauren Alaina at the Wolf’s Den

Sunday March 5th, Lauren Alaina made her way to the Wolf Den at the Mohegan Sun casino.  She had previously been scheduled to perform but had to cancel, so I was glad that she had chosen a make up date and I was able to attend (the first date I wasn’t able to because I already had a commitment).  In addition to her performance, she would be signing copies of her CD “Road Less Traveled” after the show.

Sunday night Wolf’s Den shows begin at 7pm instead of the usual 8pm.  When Lauren first came out on the stage, her mic was not working.  She ended up trying her band members mic – still nothing. Then she walked across to the other mic. Still nothing.  She shrugged, she joked around with the crowd in the front, she tapped the mic and waited for something to happen – taking it all in stride.  Then the Wolf Den made an announcement to stand by and they’d get everything fixed.  The band left the stage, mics were I assumed fixed and we started the show again – Lauren this time ran out and yelled “IS THIS THING ON?” to a roar of cheers and applause from the crowd.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Lauren on Idol, though her season is arguably my most favorite season of the show.  I’m not much of a country fan so I went into the show not really sure what to expect but I ended up having a BLAST.  Lauren puts on a great show, she’s funny and seems super down to earth.  For her 3rd song she said she was going to bring a guy on stage because she always picks out her “Next Boyfriend” from the crowd.  She said there was one guy up front singing every word so she picked him – but someone else told her that he brought her flowers so she brought TWO Next Boyfriends on stage to dance with her.  After having one say his name and having us all say “Hi Brandon!” She had the other guy introduce himself and he was Brandon too! (two?) And as it turned out – one of her guitarists is also named Brandon.  “Too many Brandons!” she announced and had the guys dance with her – even getting them to whip and nae nae.

She changed before coming out for her encore of “Road Less Traveled” her current single that has made it on to the Billboard Charts! We slipped out early to jump in line for the signing and made it near the front of the line. She came out about 45 minutes after the show had ended to quite a line. We were able to get through quickly and say hello and get our CD signed and even had time to check out one of Mohegan’s newer restaurants before heading home.

Lauren is currently on tour as an opening act, but if you get the chance to see her, take it! I don’t think you will find yourself disappointed.