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Carrie Underwood 10/28/16

Friday October 28th Carrie Underwood brought her Storyteller tour to the Mohegan Sun Arena.  The show was “in the round” and the stage took up almost the entire arena floor, with 3 different circles – one in the center and one on either end.

Opening for the show was the Swon Brothers who walked out to the stage through the opening right next to our seats! We had hoped Carrie would do the same, but only the openers.  Carrie and her band and crew had a tunnel set up on the other side of the circle near us to get to the stage area.

I had never seen The Swon Brothers before and I had never watched their season of The Voice either, but i enjoyed them.  The only bummer was that since they were the opener they kind of stayed in one spot on the stage – which happened to be with their backs to us.

Easton Corbin was up next and while he hung out mainly in the center circle, it was spinning around the whole time of his set so that was pretty cool! He walked a bit to the outer circles as well.;

Then it was time for Carrie! It seemed as though everyone loved the circle farthest from us the most, and Carrie was no exception, but she did come to our end of the stage a few times.  It was also my first big arena show with the new camera so I was playing around with all the settings and I think I had found a winner! (Which was perfect timing with my leaving for 9 Hanson concerts the next morning!)

Carrie’s stage had a lot of fun tricks with the stage raising, lowering, spinning, etc. which is always so much fun to see! She changed outfits several times as well.

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Kris Allen Danbury Fair Mall

Kris Allen recently released a new Christmas album and has been doing some shows to help promote it.  Saturday he came to the Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, CT.  The set was a mixture of Christmas and non Christmas songs since he was going to be playing for an hour and didn’t want to play only Christmas music the whole time.  He did a mix of songs off the new Christmas album as well as songs off of his previous albums.  He did a mashup of one of my favorites, “Monsters” with “Hit the Road Jack” which I had not heard him do before that was a lot of fun.  Two of the original Christmas songs that he performed I thought were hilarious and absolutely loved – Baby Won’t You Wait Until the New Year about having your boyfriend or girlfriend waiting until after Christmas to break up with you so the holidays won’t always remind you of the break up and Mommy, Is there More than Just One Santa Claus written from the perspective of a curious child who seems to see Santa everywhere during the holiday season and wonders if there must be more than one of him.  He forgot the words – on 2 of the verses – during Alright With Me which was pretty funny.  A few fans helped him out and got him back on track 🙂   Since this was at a mall, there was a video game store on the floor above where the show was happening and Mario (from Mario Bros.) was hanging out there and watching the soundcheck when I got there.  He mustve also watched part of the set because Kris asked if he was seeing things or if Mario was at his show lol

Kris played for about an hour, met up with VIP M&G winners (which somehow I didn’t manage to win!) and then he came back to sign for the non VIP winners.  It was so nice to see him again! (Especially so close to home!)

Kris Allen Setlist Danbury Fair Mall, Danbury, CT, USA 2016

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Throwback Thursday: David Cook 11/12/08

Headliner: David Cook
Opener(s): N/A
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe
Cost: $158


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Concert Review: Dalton Rapattoni

Friday night Dalton brought his Inspired Attempt tour to the Acoustic in Bridgeport.  I had purchased a pre-show “Eat and Greet” and a post-show “Meet and Greet” because I couldn’t decide what to get.  This ended up being a VERY early show and I had to get to the venue for the eat and greet at 3:15! I was back in my car after the post show meet and greet by 8pm and the venue had another show with doors opening at 9pm after.

For the Eat and Greet, when we got inside Dalton was on stage doing soundcheck and we got to hear a couple of songs.  Then he came off stage and came and sat right by me and then everyone crowded around and we asked him questions and he told us some stories about touring and Idol and stuff.  One of the fans brought him a Star Wars Play Doh set so he played with that a bit too.  Once the Fairfield School of Rock took the stage to soundcheck things got a bit loud so he had us do photos and then it was pretty much time for doors to open.

Opening the show was Sarah Barrios who is from CT and I have seen open at several other shows.  She’s always and treat and I actually took the time to talk to her a bit after the show.  Next up was the Fairfield School of Rock and they were awesome! I was not expecting that since they were all so young but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Then it was time for Dalton to take the stage! He did a mix of original songs and a few covers mixed in as well and while I’m not that familiar with any of his originals I really enjoyed all of them.  He puts on a really great show and really has a lot of energy. Like, a lot.   He had mentioned during the eat and greet that they had to cut a song from the set due to the venue forcing them out so early!

After the show I got to talk to him a bit about how I enjoyed the set and he said that they had a lot of technical difficulties and I said it was fine, he still did a great job.  Technical difficulties are always going to happen and its how you overcome them that matters and he cracked a joke about how he couldn’t play guitar and continued on.  When people seemed bummed he wasn’t going to play guitar he said “I have a great band, they can handle it” and they did!

One of the reasons that I went all out was that I wasn’t sure he would be coming back to CT but I really hope he does – and if not, well I may just have to travel.

Dalton Rapattoni Setlist The Acoustic, Bridgeport, CT, USA 2016

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Throwback Thursday: NKOTB 11/8/08

Headliner: NKOTB
Opener(s): Lady Gaga, Natasha Beddingfield
Venue: Mohegan Sun Arena
Cost: FREE



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Concert Review: Tyrone Wells Fairfield Theater

Thursday night Tyrone Wells brought his “Cover to Cover” tour to the Fairfield Theater in Fairfield.  I had opted to buy a VIP ticket to the show which meant I’d get to have a pre-show performance and M&G with Tyrone.  When I showed up, Tyrone informed me that usually there are a few people for VIP but that night I was the only one and asked if I had any requests.  Of course, put on the spot I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to hear! He said he would pick something then and I said that was probably the best plan.  We hung out backstage and chatted and he performed “Happy as the Sun” for me.  Then we were informed that there was a 2nd person for VIP so Irene joined up and he did a couple more songs – For Who I Am and Dream Like New York.  We all chatted some more, took some pics and then the doors opened.

Andy Suzuki and The Method opened up and they were really great. Andy was really great with the crowd interaction – even stopping a song after a guy fell getting to his seat to make sure he was ok – and then asking him again near the end of the show if he was alright.

Tyrone’s Cover to Cover tour was both to promote his latest release, Covers One (out now on iTunes!) but also to play songs from each of his albums (with the exception of the first one because he didn’t want to subject anyone to that)  He did 3 of the 5 tracks from the new EP and a mixture of his original tracks new and old.  He talked a bit about one of his upcoming projects which is a children’s book and one of the songs on the EP that will be included with it includes a “star performer”, his daughter!  In order to bring the character he created to life in the book he will be starting a kickstarter to raise the funds needed.  I am looking forward to supporting and hearing more about this project.

Tyrone ended his set with “More” and said that he had told the venue to play the music again but everyone got rowdy and wanted him to come back for one more song so he finished his set with “When All Is Said And Done” and at the end of the song came away from the mic and just completely ended the song beautifully and acapella.

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Throwback Thursday: Backstreet Boys 11/2/08 (256

Headliner: Backstreet Boys
Opener(s): Donnie Klang
Venue: Chevrolet Theater (Oakdale)
Cost: $62.50



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Throwback Thursday: SK6ers 11/1/08

Headliner: SK6ers
Opener(s): Clayton Senne, Pat McGee
Venue: Pearl Street
Cost: $21.50



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The Concert Across America

Sunday night I attended one of the Concerts Across America to end Gun Violence.  I attended the show in Bridgeport, CT which included Stephen Kellogg and The Alternate Routes.  Stephen kicked off the show with a short set and had his 2 older daughters join him on stage for his last two songs. One daughter played piano and the other sang on 26 Seconds (of Silence) which was a song Stephen had written after the Sandy Hook Massacre.  He had Eric from the Alternate Routes join him for his last song and his daughters were his backup dancers, which he said he had to add to his set after they all went to see Megan Trainer’s show.

Headlining the show was The Alternate Routes.  Eric’s parents were killed due to gun violence over 10 years ago so this show/benefit was a personal one.  He had just written a song called “Somewhere In America” that tells his story and if you haven’t heard it I urge you to check it out.  They had a solid hometown crowd set and ended their set by having Stephen on stage for their last few songs – the final being John Lennon’s Imagine.

After the show I had a chance to see Stephen catch up with one of his high school teachers (who happens to be my Uncle) which was pretty cool.

This show benefitted the Newtown Action Alliance – if you want to check them out their website is:

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Throwback Thursday: Hanson 10/22/08

Headliner: Hanson
Opener(s): Dave Barnes, Everybody Else
Venue: Webster Theater
Cost: $35



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