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Virtual Race: Patronus 5k

Race Title: Patronus 5k
Distance: 5k
Company: Hogwarts Running Club
Charity: Noah’s Light

Music Monday: Wertz In Progress

If you’re a fan of Matt Wertz, you’ll want to check out the “#WertzInProgress” project that he has been doing. Unfortunately I bookmarked a whole bunch and they disappeared on me before I had a chance to listen to them all – but each week he emails unreleased songs, exclusive versions, and untold backstories on some of his favorite tunes.

You can sign up here: and if you reply to the email with your thoughts on the tracks you may just get a personal reply back from Matt!

Scrapbook Saturday: Hanson Halloween Pt 1

Part 1 of the Hanson Halloween shows!

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Book Review: Cheech Is Not My Real Name

Cheech is Not My Real Name is an autobiography by Cheech Marin, who you may know better as one half of Cheech and Chong.  The story begins with Cheech being on TV at age 6 and at age 7 being told that he will never be an artist.  After starting at a Catholic school he realized that he excelled at being a door to door salesman after being forced to do various fundraisers.  During the draft, he fled the US and ended up in Canada and got a job with a magazine.  Sometime around there he met Tommy Chong and they were doing performance troupe type work but ended up going out on their own as a duo.  He was able to get his status changed from a draft dodger to unfit for military service.  Cheech and Chong blew up and he talks about a few of the shows they did where there were so many people that they couldn’t even see where the crowd ended.  They got movie deals and were screwed by higher ups in the biz.  Eventually the duo went their separate ways and Cheech did work as a voiceover actor – appearing in Disney movies Oliver & Company and The Lion King (a couple of my favorites!)  Cheech has also competed on Celebrity Jeopardy several times and is often “on call” to fill in if any of the other celebs need to back out at the last minute!  A really interesting read about a really interesting and fun dude!

I received a free e-copy of this book I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

The long-awaited memoir from a counterculture legend.
Cheech Marin came of age at an interesting time in America and became a self-made counterculture legend with his other half, Tommy Chong. This insightful memoir delves into how Cheech dodged the draft, formed one of the most successful comedy duos of all time, became the face of the recreational drug movement with the film Up in Smoke, forged a successful solo career with roles in The Lion King and, more recently, Jane the Virgin, and became the owner of the largest private collection of Chicano art in the world.
Written in Cheech’s uniquely hilarious voice, this memoir will take you to new highs.

Throwback Thursday: SK6ers 9/11/09

Headliner: SK6ers
Opener(s): Jeffrey Gaines
Venue: Stage One
Cost: $33



Product Review Magnets

Have a metal cabinet you’re looking to decorate with art and photos of boybands but need to find magnets? I’ve got some pretty cool ones for you. I recently got a 10 pack of Neodymium Magnets to try out and I have to say these are a lot of fun.  They have heavy duty magnetization made with a triple coating of nickel, copper and nickel, they offer a nice shine to them that will resist rust.  Each of the round magnets has an internal gauss rating of 13,5000 gauss and an 8.3 pound holding power that features both direct touch and pull abilities.  If you’re looking to hang some heavier items from the magnets – it shouldn’t be a problem. (I’ve only used mine to hold paper clips so far!)  These can even be attached to a vehicle – truck, boat or RV with ease!  Or if you’d like to just use them on the fridge, you don’t have to worry about these slipping down to the floor once you put something underneath them and you can even use them for attaching items to the wall!   And they are great for hanging up those drawings from your favorite 2 year old 😉 Just get ready for everyone to touch them and want to play with them and ask you where you got them! You can of course answer, Amazon!

I received this product at a discount in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

Product Review Hairbrush

I have super thick and wavy/curly hair so I am constantly breaking hair brushes and looking for ones that will just WORK.  I was happy to find this combo of a Boar Bristle Round and a Massage Paddle brush.  I also really liked that they can be used on both dry and wet hair as I have some brushes that you are not supposed to use on wet hair and it just complicates and clutters the counter space in the bathroom!
The round brush is made of high quality solid wood, boar and nylon bristles in a staggered pattern with a unique environmental protection paint processing, without formaldehyde and other harmful substances.  The humanized handle has an anti-slip groove design so it won’t slip out of your hand while you are brushing!  The cushion brush is made of high-grade natural resin and nylon, non-toxic environmentally friendly materials.
I haven’t been able to successfully use the round brush yet – it just makes my hair poof out with static electricity so if anyone can find me a YouTube tutorial that would be great! 😉  The paddle brush I am in LOVE with though. It is light weight, it goes through my hair without problems and actually makes me want to sit there and brush my hair 100 times each morning and evening!

I received this product at a discount in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

Product Review Connecticut Necklace

I love all sorts of cute jewelry and I had been looking for something to represent Connecticut for my upcoming trip to Tulsa, OK for Hanson Day Weekend.  I am the Street Team Leader for Connecticut so I thought it would be an easy way for people to see where I was from!   I am also allergic to a lot of different metals so the fact that this one was Stainless Steel was appealing to me as well. I really love that the chain can be adjusted to whatever size you would like (within reason) so if you’d like it shorter or longer you have that choice and you can change it day-to-day depending on your outfit.  The only down side to this product was that it came from China so it took quite some time to get to me and I was nervous that it wouldn’t make it to me before I left for my trip! (I am so glad that it did!)  Unfortunately that made this review very late, but I couldn’t very well review something that I didn’t have in hand yet!

The chain is resizeable 16.5+2 inches. There is a 90 day money back guarantee or exchange. The High polished materials are high quality and will never tarnish and oxide, never fade and are anti-allergy (yay!)  The necklace is available in your choice of Rose Gold, Silver or Gold.  I am a silver girl so that was what I went with.  If you’d like the CT necklace you can get one here: or you can look up Jewelry-BELE on Amazon where you should see that they have many other states available (I am not sure if it is all 50, but it should be pretty close if not!)

I received this product at a discount in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are 100% my own.


Needtobreathe at the Fox Theater

Sunday Night needtobreathe brought their tour to The Fox Theater at Foxwoods, CT. It had been several years since I had last been to the Fox Theater but I was able to fight ticketmaster longer enough to get a 6th row center seat. (Unfortunately the seat I tried to get for my friend disappeared)

When doors opened, they didn’t scan my ticket which was weird – just told me to go on inside. I got to my seat and a few minutes later two people showed up with tickets for the same seat. One got moved to the 3rd row and the others scored themselves some free drink tickets.

Opening up for the night was Nashville based band Colony House who I really enjoyed.  They had a lot of energy and were a lot of fun to watch.

Then it was time for needtobreathe.  I had wanted to get a bit more familiar with their catalog before the show but unfortunately didn’t have time so I went into this show knowing no songs at all. And after the first song I thought I might have had to leave because the flashing lights were really bothering me.  Fortunately the lights calmed down because if not I would have missed a really great show! A couple of songs in the guitarist headed out in to the crowd and after the show there was a guy (possibly even a Dad) totally fanboying out about how he played guitar “with” the guitarist.

At the end of the show they came to the edge of the stage for the last 2 songs with a request that no one else sing when they were singing so they wouldn’t have to sing over the entire crowd and they did the songs with no mics and minimal instruments and it was AMAZING!

The show also ended pretty early so I was in my car and ready to head home just after 10pm! Not bad when you’re 1.5 hours away from home.

NEEDTOBREATHE Setlist Fox Theatre at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, CT, USA 2017, Soul2Soul: The World Tour

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Virtual Race: 10k & SPEW

Race Title: 10k & SPEW
Distance: 10k
Company: Hogwarts Running Club
Charity: Harry Potter Alliance