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New Hampshire Highland Games

A couple of friends invited me along to the Highland Games at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turns out I can get into any sort of competitive sport if I try – whether it be Caber Toss, Hammer Throw or Weight Over Bar. (We missed the Stone Carry) Maybe it was the kilts or maybe I just like I good competition. We also attended the opening ceremony when the bag pipers came in and I said, “Oh, I like this song!” only to be told by one friend – “just wait until the end of the day.” And yeah… maybe I’m over it now because I did hear it quite a few times! I got stupidly sunburned (another one of my trademark “Katie doesn’t know how to properly apply sun screen” burns) and then we tried to get ice cream before leaving for the day after seeing a Weight over Bar world record! I decided that there was nothing I needed more in that moment than a root beer float – only for the guy in line in front of us to order the last one they had. (I wonder if my hyping it up how badly I wanted it made him change his mind and order it…) We had some time to kill so we wandered around a shop for a bit before the concert that evening – featuring the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. Who knew bagpipes and rock music worked so well? Well, RHCP I guess… Most of the songs didn’t have anyone singing, but I am fairly certain AC/DC Long Way To The Top was in there somewhere (and how could it NOT be?) It was a lot of late nights and early mornings and I’m not sure I’d do that drive again (4+ hours!) but I enjoyed myself.

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Jonny Lang @ the Warehouse

Jonny Lang came to The Warehouse in Fairfield in early September and I was lucky enough to snag a front row seat! It had been a while since I had seen Jonny on his own in concert and not as a part of experience Hendrix.

Zane Carney opened the night and also played in Jonny’s band. He seemed to win over the crowd quickly after mentioning he was originally from CT.

Jonny’s set may look short – but each song was quite long with all the guitar playing! He played roughly an hour and a half and was sooooo into performing, it was a pleasure to watch.

After the show I went to snap a pic of the setlist and one of the guys taking down the stage said I could have it! 🙂

Jonny Lang Setlist The Warehouse at the Fairfield Theatre Company, Fairfield, CT, USA 2019, 2019 Summer Tour

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Property Brothers Book Signing

September 9 the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, went to RJ Julia in Madison, CT to sign copies of their latest children’s book. Each book purchased allowed up to 4 family members to meet the brothers, so as expected, this event was sold out and the line was large. When I went in to pick up my books (I ordered their previous to get signed as well) the brothers arrived and Drew said hello. (I didn’t see Jonathan sneak in.) I was assured the line would “move quickly” but was not told that we would have go to upstairs! Fortunately, staff at the book store was SUPER accommodating and pulled a few of us who couldn’t make it up the stairs to a different room and had the brothers come by to sign our books there instead. When they entered one of them said “We heard you were having a party down here and we weren’t invited!” They were super nice, chatted and teased and signed our books and posed for photos (They are also SUPER TALL!) After we got our books signed we went outside to have our photos taken with the costumed property brothers – dressed like the characters in the book! RJ Julia always has wonderful events and I am looking forward to who else they have come through CT next!



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Shawn Mendes at Mohegan Sun

Shawn Mendes closed out his arena tour at the end of August at the Arena at Mohegan Sun.  I had bought a ticket near the back of one of the sections and they actually ended up sitting me on the ADA platform which probably worked out better for me, being able to see and not having to stand at all – especially after my back had been hurting from all the brother band shows in a row 😉  

Upon entering, we were given a bracelet that we were told to turn on before Shawn got on stage because it would blink along with his music.  This was definitely the highlight of the night for me.

Alessia Cara opened, which was a big reason I decided to go – I love her songs on the radio! She had a ton of energy and was a lot of fun and a lot of positivity! 

Shawn had 2 stages –  I was just about in the middle of both.  Except he never really seemed to face my side when he was on the B-Stage – which also included a giant white rose that moved up and down depending on which stage he was on.  He also had his back to me whenever he played piano on either stage so that was a bit of a disappointment.

And if I thought Alessia had a lot of energy – Shawn tired me out running all around the stage (usually with a guitar strapped to his back) after just a couple of songs! The whole crowd blinking and showing different colors on their wrists definitely was a sight to see. I really wish that the bracelets could be used again (They had a recycle bin on the way out for them, which I didn’t end up using as I was too busy being felt up by a young girl who clearly had no idea what she was doing as she ran out passed me and then ran by me again in the opposite direction as I was trying to exit and not be assaulted.) because they are really cool! But only would work if the whole venue was in on it.  Much more fun than cell phone flashlights, I think! You can get colors and blinking – to the beat! 

Overall I was very impressed with Shawn and kind of wished I had gone to the show the night before too.  Ahh well, next time! I just wish that the parents at the casino didn’t make a human wall trying to find their children when it is time to exit.  Some of us want to just get back to the casino and try to win some money from a Panda… (I didn’t win this time.)

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Hanson DE&MD

Mid-August Hanson played in Delaware and Maryland. For the Delaware show we opted to go VIP and get seats at the front of the balcony, which were right in the center and awesome! For Maryland we were also front row but as this was a fair show and people felt they were entitled to be closer than their purchased seats, it was not so awesome! The setlists were just varied enough – a mix of the hits and some other favorites – typical of a non tour “one-off” show. These were shows 206 and 207 for me and they are always just as fun. (Except for when I fall and want to sit most of the show, but can’t see, despite having a front row seat. Yeah maybe I’m a little bitter.) Security in MD did try to clear people out – but they kept coming back and clearly were not prepared for Hanson fans. In DE – there were rumors Ryan Phillipe may be in attendance – we may have seen a guy with 3 security guards around him on the balcony leave after a couple of songs – but can’t be sure whether or not it was him. (And based on how many times we thought we ‘saw Taylor’ and it was not even close when we got closer to the person – I don’t trust any of our vision.) We did meet Taylor after a show (the real one, not a look a like) so I was able to get my message to him from Joe Jonas about the beer – of course he told me now I needed to get him Joe’s address. I refuse to be a go between but I did my part and tweeted Joe because I don’t know what else to do because I am not paying $500+ to meet him again!!
I’m not sure what there is to say more about a Hanson show I haven’t already said… (at least until there is new music to be had!) so here are some photos!

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Jonas Brothers at Mohegan Sun

The Jonas Brothers are BACK! And they brought their happiness begins tour to the Arena at Mohegan Sun near the end of August. Both the onsale for tickets AND VIP M&Gs were an absolute shit show – yet somehow I managed to get a M&G (with a backstage tour I really didn’t want to take) and a really nice seat for the show.
With all the drama of the on sales behind me – I went to check in for VIP – and more drama! I believed the only email I had received from the VIP company was the receipt. But apparently I had also received and didn’t save (so unlike me, but whatever) another email with a confirmation code. The woman was very rude and assured me since SHE sent the emails – I had to have gotten one. My email trash deletes every 30 days or so – it’s August and I bought this in May – forced into a level higher than I wanted – and now they were acting like they weren’t going to let me in without this code – when my name and all my info were on her list and I was standing in front of her with an ID that matched. I remembered taking screen caps of things when I bought it, because it was such a nightmare I wasn’t convinced their servers would handle emailing out the confirmation. But my sD card in my phone had crapped out 2 weeks earlier – of course! Fortunately I pay for Google Photos extra storage backup and scrolled through to May and sure enough – the screen cap with the confirmation code was good enough (and she barely even looked at it, so WTF) and I was given my backstage tour wristband and let inside.
The backstage tour had us go down the arena steps, under the stage (a lot roomier than I was expecting, honestly) and then up the escalator. We went outside and waited for our “walk down memory lane” which was a couple dead-end aisles of clothes the boys had worn, Nick and Kevin’s guitars and one of Joe’s mic stands we could use for photo-ops.
We then were taken into another room and had to give up our purses and cell phones for the M&G – which I really didn’t mind but making us sit there for nearly an hour with no way to let my friends know I wouldn’t be able to meet them before doors wasn’t really fun. (Fortunately we have done enough M&Gs they knew I’d get in contact as soon as I could after their “where are you?” texts went unanswered for a bit) Finally it was time for the M&G where they lined up those with Lane One ‘first on the floor’ tickets and other perks first.
Then it was time for my M&G. I wore my “Id rather be at a Hanson concert” shirt because I was looking for a fun photo-op. I told them I wanted them to pose based on the shirt but I’d let them pick what to do. Kevin started instructing me where to stand and what they would all do – but Joe cut him off and said that he would give a thumbs up because he also wanted to be at a Hanson concert. Afterwards I told them I’d be seeing Hanson the next 2 days so I’d get my wish. Joe asked if I’d be meeting them and I said I didn’t know, but he told me if I did to let them know that they want the beer that they promised them “like 10 years ago.” I told him if I met them I would definitely let them know!
My seat for the show was more amazing than I could have even thought, basically as close to the stage as I could have been without being forced to stand in the GA pit all night. I was able to sit all night and only couldn’t see them when they went to the B-stage, but there was screens up front so I didn’t entirely miss out on what was going on. (Surrounded by stairs I didn’t trust myself to not fall right off!)
I was super excited when they came out on stage – so happy to see them happy and together again!! I thought the setlist was a great mix of old and new and fan requests – and a lot of fun and color! (but somehow despite being so close I only ended up with like 3 pieces of confetti. What the heck!?)

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David Cook Daryl’s House

David Cook made his return to Daryl’s House in New York in the beginning of August. I had never seen him there before and didn’t want to go back after buying a single ticket to see Kris Allen left me in the back corner of the show (despite having a VIP M&G Ticket.) Once again I opted for a VIP M&G and figured I’d give the house a second chance.
No information was emailed about the M&G so I got there about 4 only to be told to hang tight until about 5, later 5:15 for the M&G. No problem – better to be there too early than too late! I ended up wandering around only to be told the M&G was starting and somehow ended up being 3rd in line? I wore my Mets shirt after they had a particularly exciting game the night before which David was not too happy about – but he agreed it was a good game and then we decided anyone but the Yankees! I also reminded him that his guys beat the Mets and he’d always have that which he was overly happy about. 😉
After the M&G I went to see where I was assigned for seating for the evening and was pleasantly surprised to see it was at one of the front tables, against the wall. Since I was the first one of the group to arrive I got to pick the front row seat facing the stage. Way to go Daryl’s House – definitely redeemed themselves from several years ago!
The show itself was great – there were a few false starts because David was getting the sillies from the faces and comments of the people up front. There was also a crew behind him that led to some banter and him singing a portion of a song facing them with his back to the front – but he turned back around as it was a “numbers game.”
At one point, David told us to give it up for Jeff, and the lighting guy made the lights “flicker” to seem like they were also applauding. David was curious to see what they would do for him – so he said “Give it up for me!” We all cheered – and the stage went DARK. David started cracking up and said that he expected that they just wouldn’t do anything – not that they’d go off! Well played, lighting guy, well played!
Overall, even though it was a more acoustic, stripped down version of David than I am used to, it was great to hear all his stories before the songs and I am not sure I have laughed that much in a long, long time!

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Violent Femmes & Ben Folds

I was supposed to see Ben Folds at Mohegan Sun a couple years back but due to bad weather wasn’t able to make it. When my friend told me she could get us some free tickets to the upcoming show (and tour kick off!) I jumped at the opportunity to see Ben again. We had some decent floor seats for the show. Savannah Conley opened the show and played just her and her guitars for about 20 minutes. Violent Femmes was up next. I felt like this was sort of a weird pairing for a tour but the crowd seemed into it and it was a lot of fun to watch all the people slowly jump up and start dancing as their set progressed. They definitely had some interesting instruments on stage – a huge giant saxophone like thing (sorry I don’t know what it’s actually called) that was taller than the guy playing it and a grill that was being used as a drum. Ben’s backup band had some interesting instruments as well – a cello, no bass guitar but a bass harmonica? And the drums were a tiny version with no bass drum he said because they had no bass guitar. Three songs into the set, Ben said they decided that Mohegan Sun needed a jingle so they wrote one backstage and played it, it was basically just the band jamming out and singing “Mohegan Sun, yall!” I thought this may be something they did every night but the other setlists I looked at after this show don’t note it, if they did! Ben’s set was incredibly entertaining and he ended with the audience singing 3 part harmony. I thought it was a great way to end it, though the audience wanted more and even once the house lights went back on no one wanted to leave just yet!

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John Mayer Summer Tour : Providence, RI

For John Mayer’s Summer Tour he did things a little bit differently than usual. He had no opening act, took the stage “promptly at 7:30” (more like 10 to 8) and played 2 sets. He also had said that he’d be doing no repeats for shows where he was doing back-to-back nights but that turned out to not be completely true. But with 2 sets you’d be hearing more songs than usual and hopefully some songs that you haven’t heard in a while either. I ended up going to his show in Providence, RI which ended up being the day after my birthday! I picked out great seats in the last row of the lower level which was awesome because I had no stairs to deal with. While the two sets things seemed like a great idea, the intermission allowed people to wander around which resulted in my getting beer dumped on me by a moron who doesn’t know how to hold a can of beer AND take a photo with her friends. When the guy next to me called her out to apologize to me, she said it wasn’t her. Oh, ok! She also offered to give me the beer. No thanks, I’m not a beer fan and then had to smell like it for the rest of the evening and the 2 hour ride home. Yuck. I thought the setlist had a great mix of songs from all his albums and I was glad he included No Such Thing and Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, among others. I can do without his cover of “Free Fallin’” though. The crowd seemed to love it, but I’m pretty sure he has done it at nearly every show I have gone to and would have loved to hear something else instead. The crowd also seemed to love when he included a Grateful Dead song in the set – Fire on the Mountain. I loved him ending the set with New Light and the purple confetti. (One of the reasons I was bummed to sell my MSG tickets is that I think my seat for the Friday show would have been pelted with confetti – and I love me some confetti.)

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Basilica Block Party & Minneapolis

In mid-July I headed to Minnesota to cross a new state off my list and also to check out the Basilica Block Party.  Friday was the first night and we considered that our dress rehearsal for Saturday night when Hanson and Jason Mraz would be performing.  My friend that I went with was volunteering Friday so I was on my own for the show – and turns out I really was on my own because even though I made my way to the ADA section (via police escort. Long story.) no one ended up showing up to join me until near the very end of the show!   Each night I stayed at the Great Clips stage all afternoon/evening even though there were some great bands on the other stages as well. There never was a band that I had hoped would get off stage, the level of talent was all pretty great. (Although Johnny Swim teasing they’d perform all night when I knew Hanson was going to be coming up next did make me a bit anxious lol)  On Friday the lineup was Ruston Kelly, Anderson East, Dawes and Kacey Musgraves. I actually spotted Taylor and Isaac Hanson watching during Dawes set – turns out Zac was there too but I never did get a glimpse of him. The second night the lineup was Lissie, JohnnySwim, Hanson and Jason Mraz closed out the night.

In addition to the Block Party – I also got to try my first “Jucy Lucy” at Matt’s Bar and hit up the Mall of America!


Setlists that are available from the block party:

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