Saturday night, May 11,  Caroline Rhea brought her “I identify as a witch” tour to Medford, MA. For this show Melissa Joan Hart would be joining her and since it was about 25 minutes from Salem I figured it was worth making a trip of it.
I ended up getting a front row center ticket which I wasn’t so sure about when I sat down, but both ladies were so funny I was cracking up the entire time.  Caroline even had me in tears a couple of times.  She asked if I came alone and I said I did and she said she loved that but that there was another girl there alone too and we should become friends.
There was a guy not laughing in the front row she wanted attention from, and was picking on him a lot. He was there with his husband. He said they were married 3 years and his husband said 3 and a half years.  Next to me was another couple who, in unison, said they were married for 7 years so she said that’s what they needed to aspire to.  She also was mocking anyone who left the front row to hit up the bathroom and absolutely lost it when someone had a “bird laugh”.
After the show I had a M&G where when I walked up Caroline said “Hey front row” and told me that I was the only one in the front row who knew how to behave.  We chatted a bit and then it was time for me to uber back to the hotel.
The next day I headed to Salem and met a friend and we wandered around a bit, went to the Witch Museum (honestly, not worth it, but had to see it for ourselves) and then did a trolley tour that took about an hour to see almost everything else.  Of my list of things I wanted to see in Salem we only missed 3 – but one isn’t open for the season yet so really only 2 – the memorial and the house of 7 gables.  I’ll definitely have to make another trip one weekend to try and see some more!

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