Nerd Crush was a really adorable book and a quick read.  The book is about Ramona who is very shy but also nerdy and artsy.  Her best friend moved away and while they still talk with each other, she’s feeling a little bit lonely.  Her parents don’t understand her art or her love for cosplay.  She decides to write her school crush a note – as her cosplay alter ego – and see what happens.  She is pretty surprised when he emails her back and they pretty regularly chat with each other.  The two IRL end up working together and getting pretty close as well – but she doesn’t know how to tell him that she is Rel AND Ramona and that everything she’s told him as Rel is true for Ramona, as well.

Caleb ends up putting two and two together and figuring out that Ramona has been lying to him and is also Rel.  She isn’t sure what to do – she was just too shy to talk to him as herself and Rel gave her the confidence she needed.  She’s really upset that now Caleb isn’t talking to either Rel or Ramona and asks him to meet her at a Con to meet the real her.  Will he show up?

This was a really sweet story about being yourself no matter what and I truly enjoyed it.  I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Happily Ever Afters meets You’ve Got Mail  in this geeky, Black Girl Magic filled debut romance about cosplay and finding the courage to be yourself. 

Ramona Lambert is a typical shy, artistic sixteen-year-old. She has a best friend whom she’s known since they were in diapers; parents who love her; a love for cosplay; and a crush on the cute boy in her class.

The only problem? Her best friend moved away; her parents don’t quite understand her love of cosplay; and she is pretty sure her crush has no idea she exists.

To escape her troubles, Ramona turns to cosplay and her original character, Rel, who gives her the confidence and freedom that she lacks in real life. Embracing this confidence, she decides to strike up an email conversation with her crush, Caleb Wolfe, from her cosplay account in the hopes getting to know him . . . and maybe win his heart. Then as Caleb and Ramona are swept up in their emails back and forth to each other, and Ramona falls even harder as he opens up about his hopes, insecurities, and his own geeky loves. However, as Caleb starts to grow closer and closer to Rel, he also strikes up a friendship with Ramona, who knows she can’t keep the truth about Rel from Caleb but isn’t sure she is ready to risk losing him. With an important cosplay convention coming up and the anxiety of her double-life weighing on her, Ramona has to decide if she’ll hide behind her cosplay character forever or take the chance and let Caleb see the real her–because he might actually like her for who she is.

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