Destiny Finds Her Way is about a sloth in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica.  The sloth had fallen out of the  tree and was rescued and brought to an animal rescue center where they fixed her up and tended to all of her needs. Due to how weak she was, they weren’t sure if they’d be able to return her to the wild or not. Destiny had an eye that was sick and she didn’t get her sight back. But the scientists helped prepare her for the wild anyway.  But once they took her to the wild, she looked around with her good eye and took back off into her home!

This book also tells a lot about the other sights and sounds in the rainforest as well as has a lot of photos of other animals you might see around where Destiny lived as well.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Ages 4-8

Explore the Costa Rican rainforest with Destiny, a rescued orphan baby sloth who must learn to return to the wild, in this heartwarming true story from Newbery Honor winner Margarita Engle.

Destiny must learn to be strong and confident after she loses the use of one of her eyes. Without her mother to protect her or teach her, Destiny is found and taken to a rescue center in Costa Rica. The little sloth soon befriends other orphaned sloths. Her poor eyesight, however, makes it hard for her to keep her balance. Eventually Destiny begins to use all of her senses to explore the world around her. But can she learn to climb? Can she master the other skills she needs to survive on her own? And will Destiny be brave enough to return to her wild, forest home?

Join award-winning author Margarita Engle and photographer Sam Trull as they introduce you to the world of sloths in this inspiring story about overcoming obstacles and believing in yourself.

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