I’ve always been in love with these kinds of music boxes and I was sooo excited to see that there was one for Harry Potter of Hedwig’s Theme! Absolutely loving it and the box that it comes in is amazing as well! Get your own here: Https://feriwola.com/products/exclusive-hand-crank-music-box (They have other movies/shows/themes available as well!)

The box is beautifully burned with the Harry Potter logo on the top in the lightning bolt harry potter font and the outside of the box has a beautiful design around it.  You can get Harry Potter in either Blue or Natural wood tones, but since Blue is one of my favorite colors I figured that is the way to go.  In addition to Harry Potter they also have Game of Thrones, Davy Jones Locker, Star Wars and more available… really, really cool for that geek in your life!


-Laser engraved and cut hand-cranked music box
-4mm Birch Plywood
-65x55x40 mm

I received this product at a discount in order to write this review.  Check out the video below to see for yourself! (It was kind of hard to use 2 hands to hold it AND record a video… but I think I give a pretty accurate representation of how it works!)


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