After an unfortunate liquid-related accident with my former backpack on a previous Hanson trip, I had been in the market for something new. I was a bit picky because I had grown used to the pockets that my old backpack had on the outside and was quite pleased to see not only was this backpack from Cobiz on par with the outer pockets I was used to, it was also waterproof which meant it wouldn’t fall victim to another liquid-related accident.

The backpack comes in all of my favorite colors – Blue, Orange and Black.  Although I was tempted to get an orange one, and the blue color is VERY pretty I figured black would hide most of the travel wear and tear the best.

The cool thing about this bag is that it comes as a tiny little pouch. When you unzip it and open it you think it cannot possibly be a full sized backpack inside – but it IS! Even with my laptop and kindle inside I had plenty of room for everything I needed for an overnight trip and I could tell I would have no problem adding more to it for an extended weekend trip as well.

There are 2 pouches on the outer front, one is the inside out of the original pouch that it comes in. And I felt like the more I tried to unzip, the more pockets and openings I found, the bag just kept impressing me!

The backpack has 30 liters of roomy space along with 2 space bag layers to keep everything organized, close by and easy to carry. It has a special space for your laptop, a dedicated headphones jack and a built-in safety pocket to keep all your important items stowed.  The waterproof material ensures you can hike, fish, camp and hunt in a variety of weather conditions without worrying that your supplies will end up soggy and water damaged.  There are double shoulder straps to spread out the burden of whatever you are carrying without putting too much strain on your back.  And every backpack comes with a safety reflector strip sewn on, so you’ll know you have an extra degree of safety if you are out at night or on dark roads.

The backpack is available on for $18.99

I received this product at a discount in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are 100% my own.