One To Watch Me and One To See Me are a series of 2 books in “The ONE Series”.  Emmeline needs to get away from her family, former fiance and job for a bit.  She ends up booking a trip from Chicago to Miami to stay in a beach house for a bit to regroup and find herself.  Someone there is watching her, and she knows it.  She ends up meeting a handsome stranger and spending almost all of her free time with him.  Their relationship turns hot and heavy almost immediately and she seems to throw out all of her fears and inhibitions even though she normally seems to have such a good head on her shoulders.  These books are two short pieces of the story, but I could not stop reading either and wanting to know more about what was going on with her former fiance and if he was playing her and her father and his business.  I also really wanted to know who the heck was watching her, even though I had my ideas from the beginning of the series as to who it might be. (I doubted myself a couple of times, but in the end, I was right)  I really enjoy these quick read romance stories because there is a lot of action and not a lot of backstory.

I received a free e-copy of these books in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.


About the Book(s)

When there’s no one left to trust, should you try trusting a stranger?
Someone is watching Emmeline, and for the first time, she feels seen.

Emmeline Weiss is living a dream life—or so it appears. She comes from a wealthy, influential family, has a blossoming career, and a sophisticated fiancé. Lost in the fray, and on the brink of forgetting who she really is, Emmeline needs a few weeks of sand and saltwater: a break for once. But her search for clarity—and her true self—turns up a smart, sexy stranger instead, ONE who sees her soul and awakens her body, giving her everything she never knew she wanted. When Emmeline learns her charmed life in Chicago has been a setup, her soul-searching trip to the shores takes a dark turn. Someone is watching her. Caught between fear, and an exciting new desire to push away her inhibitions, whom can she trust?

Can you trust someone who can’t afford to trust you back?
Emmeline is ready to be seen. And someone is watching.

Emmeline Weiss is facing the most important day of her life. The stakes are high: her high-powered, high-society life in Chicago could come crumbling down around her. But if it did, would she be in a free fall, or would she be free? In a time like this, Emmeline knows she needs to sort enemies from friends—and quickly—but who can she trust? And what if trust has more than ONE definition?
As her life dismantles into dark questions and darker answers, the last thing Emmeline expects is for passion and chemistry, physical need and wild sex, to take over. For the first time, with this sexy stranger, Emmeline feels seen.
But maybe it’s because someone is watching…