As the sun shines brighter, it certainly feels like party time! Turn up the music, shed a few layers and dance the day away with these South of the Border inspired snacks. Every box purchased means a donation to food bands across the country. So you can do an extra twirl knowing that you’ve made a difference!

Love With Food is lowering the prices on their boxes beginning July 1 so if you are interested in signing up, you might want to do it tomorrow! (And please consider using my referral link?)

Pink Guava and Coconut Fruit Ice by Smooze!
Fresh fruit and coconut milk? Sounds like the party’s starting! Just shake and freeze. Vitamin C? You bet. High Fructose Corn Syrup? No way Jose!

I am not a fan of coconut so I had my mom try this for me. It is mom approved 🙂

Blood Orange Candy by Go Organics
Is it possible to take citrus goodness to a new level? Gluten-free, dairy-free and 100% organic, we say “yes you can”-dy!

Iced Mango Mint Candy by Go Organics
Sure to bring you to a warmer place, gluten-free, dairy-free and totally organic, sweet baby, this tropical sucker will make you pucker with delight.

Inka Corn by Inka Crops
Margarita, meet your new BFFs. Dressed with sea salt (just like you) these naturally crisp corn kernels are so all that (and whole grain too!)

PB Thins by Bell Plantation
Just a few simple ingredients combined with roasted peanuts make these crispy, buttery crackers a little taste of paradise.

These were a really great home from work but it’s not quite dinner time yet and I need something to hold me over snack!

Lemon Burst Cookies by Homefree
Savor them one at a time or devour by the handful. Delivering whole grains with every luxuriously lemony bite, you just may find more is better.

These were a bit too lemony (aka sour) for me, but I didn’t have a problem eating them all. Not sure it would be something I’d have again though.

Educational Snacks by Dick & Jane Baking Company
Learning Spanish? Eat your words! No really, each piece features Spanish vocabulary with English translations. You get a new lesson with every nibble.

These were my favorite of the box. In addition to helping me with my Spanish, they are just oh so tasty.

Hibiscus Creamed Honey by Vintage Bee
When it comes to sweet perfection, it takes two to tango. Spread this on toast or drizzle a little on fresh fruit for an all-natural dessert spectacular.

Very sweet and very enjoyable.

Spinach & Kale Corn Chips by The Better Chip
Get ready to salsa! Two healthy greens packed in every chip means you can dip your heart’s content.

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