Friday, April 10, Seal brought his show to Foxwoods MGM Grand Ballroom. We got our seats late in the game, so we were up in the balcony to the left. Not too bad of a spot, save for the few “super fans” who also seemed to get their tickets late in the game.

About 8:20 the band took the smoke filled stage and started playing instrumental versions of some of Seal’s songs. I think at this point everyone realized that there wouldn’t be an opening act (even if the drunk super fan was saying otherwise)

Seal played a very impressive and solid set, his voice was powerful from the beginning until the end. He started off with more R&B; numbers, everyone was tapping their feet in their seats. Near the end of his set he busted out some more club sounding pop songs, including my favorite “Crazy”

He then left the stage, coming back shortly after to play 3 more songs. He called everyone up closer to the stage which resulted in his arm being grabbed and held on to by many 40 somethings who wanted a piece of him.

He made small talk with the crowd, there was a Red Sox/Patriots fan within shouting distance. He also teased a guy in the front row who was wearing a Seahawks jersey telling him he was “near New York” so he should “Jump on the bandwagon” Which of course upset Mr Red Sox Patriot in the front. Seal said “Red Sox? Baseball?” and then said he was going to be quiet as he had to get out of there alive once some boos were audible.

Overall I was very impressed with the show and I was up $10 at the casino, so it was a good day!


Partial (?) Setlist:
Human Beings
It’s A Man’s World
A Change Is Gonna Come
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
Don’t Cry
My Vision
The Right Life
Future Love Paradise

The Beginning
Bring It On
People Get Ready


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