My last review for Push Play was short and sweet, I wasn’t sure if I would go see them again. Except then I saw that they were going to be playing my local mall. I figured, what the heck, it was only $10, 5 minutes from my house and I had heard great things about Tiffany so I wanted to check her out. Plus, that was months ago. Maybe they’d improved?

Push Play did a short acoustic set. CJ had said it would be only 5 songs, but it actually was more like 7 (by my count). My major issue last show was that I didn’t think CJ’s voice could last for the full set. But I think he has improved. Although, it being a shorter set, maybe he didn’t and I just didn’t know it! But clearly they have a large fan base of teens who disagree with me on that.

My main problem with this show, which was no fault of Push Play, was that they had all the fans standing and the band sitting on a stage that was not very high. If I was lucky, I could see the top of CJ’s head. Luckily, CJ stood for a couple of the faster paced songs so I could see him. Being 5’3″ and almost always standing in the back is not much fun for these types of set ups!

Shortly after Push Plays set, I’d say about half of the girls there left the stage area. Tiffany was playing an electric set, so she would be standing and therefore I’d be able to see her!

Unfortunately due to standing so long waiting for the M&G; and going to the Mets game the day before, I could only handle standing for 3 of her songs. But I loved what I heard. The girl has pipes! I really enjoy her single “No Average Angel” (video posted earlier) And I would definitely consider seeing her again. (If I end up at Bamboozle, maybe I’ll try to catch her set)


Push Play:
Cover Girl
Heart Attack
Midnight Romeo
Starlight Addiction
Away Away

On To You
No Average Angels
Sparks Fly


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