Upon arriving at the Hard Rock, our IDs were checked and tickets were taken. They were replaced with a wristband. I was too thrilled about that but luckily I had scanned it when the tickets had arrived.

At 6pm we were let in and down 2 flights of stairs where we saw Z100’s Carolina on the red carpet (though I’m still not sure who she was talking with)

We headed to the restaurant area which was absolutely packed with people and seats were at a minimum. At 7pm we headed to where David Cook’s concert would be and settled in to our spot on the floor behind the VIP/MVP area.

At 7:30 Carolina came out and then she introduced David Wright who thanked us all for coming and auctioned off some items. David introduced David Cook who came out to say hello before his set. David Wright spoke about how David Cook played for free so that the money would go to the David Wright foundation. David Cook teased that he expected that his season tickets were in the mail.

David Wright mentioned that former Mets Joe McEwing and Howard Johnson were there as well as Washington National’s 3rd baseman Ryan Zimmerman (who grew up playing baseball with David) I’m not sure I’d have recognized any of them in street clothes though!

Shortly after the auctions wrapped up, David Cook came out to play his set.
Mr Sensitive
Life On The Moon
Light On
(encore) Bar-Ba-Sol

We hung around for a bit longer to see if we’d catch a glimpse of anyone, but didn’t. But all in all it was still a fun night! Photos and video of David Cook getting David Wright to put on GUYLINER! After the cut.


The first rule of being a rock star – is you have to wear guyliner:


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