After being in the 3-D movie, and since we were already in the city (and it was raining – or we’d have done a double decker bus tour) we decided to see if we could get tickets for the “sold out” show that evening.

And we could! and they weren’t that bad of seats!

And then during Demi’s set a boy came and sat next to me!


And I thought, this is a weird, a 20something boy is sitting near me and he was not dragged here by a sister or a girlfriend… he is all alone.

Then a girl from a section over comes by and is like “Are you Silas from Weeds?” and he said “yes” and she said “I love that show! Can i get a picture!” (Although at the time I heard “Are you Cyrus from….”)

They took a picture and then he slouched down in his seat. (He is Hunter Parrish, currently in Spring Awakening) but he seemed to be into Demi’s set. After she was done, he left.

The set was basically the same as Hartford, except they were “filming” for the 3-D movie (but I didn’t see any cameras?) and therefore special guest Taylor Swift had to come out and she sang “Should Have Said No” with the boys.

We somehow managed to get out of MSG in like 5 seconds (how, I dont know) hopped in a cab and made our way back to CT. Our train car was FULL of girls who were at the show too so that was cool. (But none of them knew who Hunter was so that was a mystery for a day or so lol)

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